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  1. okay, it was worth visiting you just to see that message…his-ter-ical! I sent you an invite to a event/hop…I think I may have to follow you now, if this is any indication of your humor…thx for the moment! june

  2. *I would love to win the $50.00 GC so I can buy more books so my husband can stop __tching about money I spend on books!

    1. Haha oh husbands! Don't they understand how important books are!? :)

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  4. Hi there,

    I found your site via Amazon´s top reviewers page.

    Let´s just skip the full introduction and get down to the grovelling and begging. I am having absolutely no luck finding anyone to help me out in this great and scary endeavor to self publish and sell books.

    So I have to conclude that a. my books are terrible or b. people suck or c. I suck. (It very well could be c. I do get cranky without a bagel and a coffee first thing in the morning.

    So I am wondering what it would take to get you to review one of my books. I can take someone out for you. Seriously. That nasty neighbor whose dog does number 2 on your lawn? He´s gone. I learned how to do it from Breaking Bad. He´ll be nothing but sludge within a week.

    No. Ok, name it. I´ll do your laundry. Just please HELP!

    Ok, my bio.

    I am a Canadian - Mexican writer. To date I have written 3 books about dogs. A Novel, a memoir of the dogs in our family and my current dog Rose and a short story collection about the dogs of Mexico.

    If I were to send you a copy of one of my books, would you possibly read and review it? Of course, this would be at your leisure and I hope you feel no obligation. Also, let me mention that if, upon reading my book, you find it anywhere as bad as 50 Shades of Grey, I will buy you a small Mexican villa on the Riviera Maya.

    I have all my books available in .mobi for Kindle, .epub for Nook or .pdf.
    Thank you for your time. Have a nice day, eh!

    David Gordon Burke


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