Guest Post Policy

Guest posts are more than welcome here at Pink Fluffy Heart. Since I’m often busy with work and or school I would be more thank grateful  for your interest in contributing.

I am interested in:

♥  Book or movie-related list posts
♥  Movie reviews
♥  Book or movie-related crafts and cooking
♥  Comic or TV show reviews
♥  Character dissections
♥  Holiday related guest posts.

If you've got something else in mind, feel free to contact me and we can chat about it. And if you’d like to guest post but can’t think of anything specific, we can brainstorm together!


Generally speaking, posts are no more than 750 words long and include at least one image to break up the text. (book cover, etc).

Have fun! If you enjoying writing it, chances are I’ll enjoy reading it.

Still interested? Please email me at with:

♥  Your name
♥  Your blog (if you have one, not a requisite)
♥  Your topic idea.

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