September 15, 2019

Book Blitz: Rites of Spring (Rites #1)

Rites of Spring (Rites #1) By J.V. Speyer
Publication date: September 10, 2019
Buy Link: Amazon
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Suspense
Cameron has built a good life for himself despite his rough start. He can’t trust enough for romance, but he’s okay with that. 
He’s got good money coming in as a graphic designer and just inherited a duplex in Plymouth from his estranged grandfather, so he doesn’t have to worry about keeping a roof over his head. 
He likes his tenants, he has friends, and he’s content with that. 
When two guys claiming to be paranormal investigators show up on his doorstep tell him the tenants contacted them about “phenomena” in the house, he knows they’re con men right away. 
For one thing, they claim he was the tenant. He sends them packing. It doesn’t matter that one of the con artists is the hottest guy Cameron has seen in years – if anything, that just makes Cameron more suspicious. 
Then things go wrong in the house, things he can’t shrug off or ignore. The past Cameron has worked so hard to leave behind is coming for him, and it’s angry.


Okay, if Cameron ignored his personality, Jason was everything Cameron usually went for. He was tall, he was strong (or at least looked strong), and the black leather jacket did things to Cameron that he’d never been able to explain.

He didn’t like the attitude. He didn’t like the contempt that he’d seen in Jason. Jason had clearly assumed that he and Reid could just walk up to him and say, “Boo! We’re ghost hunters, here to rescue you!” and Cameron would roll over and obey. Jason had a lot to learn about people if he thought they worked like that. Cameron had never been very good at taking orders, and the idea that someone was just going to come up to him and say “Do what I say because I said so” filled him with an irrational anger.

September 14, 2019

Book Blitz: Shadow Caster (The Nightwatch Academy #1)

Shadow Caster (The Nightwatch Academy #1) By Debbie Cassidy
Publication date: September 10, 2019
Buy Link: Amazon
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Murdering humans is a huge no-no and comes with an off-with-your-head sentence. Doesn’t matter if you don’t remember doing the crime. 
I killed a human, and no, it wasn’t on purpose, but that shit doesn’t matter to the council. I’m facing death. So, when I’m offered a deal to avoid execution, I’d be a fool not to take it, even if it means leaving the human world and urban life behind to enroll in the Nightwatch Academy – a gothic monstrosity hidden from human eyes, located way too close to the largest tear in the fabric of our reality. 
It would be fun if I had any inclination of becoming a member of the Watch or supporting the shadow knights at keeping the Formorian threat at bay. But heck, the monsters beyond the mist aren’t my problem. I have personal demons to deal with. 
Once I’m out, the Watch can shove it.
But one sip from the ceremonial goblet and my plans to coast are out of the window as my powers spark to life. 
I’m an anomaly, one the Watch won’t be letting walk any time soon.
My only comfort is a man who prides himself on his ability to harness pain. Battle scarred and formidable, he’s my tutor, my mentor, and the object of some super saucy dreams. He’s completely off limits and my only hope of surviving my first test.
I’ll need to harness my powers fast. 
There can be no distractions. 
But when my fellow cadets start going missing then returning with no memory of who they used to be and my best friend is taken, turning a blind eye is no longer an option.
Allies are limited when you’re a freak. Luckily, I don’t need a cheer squad to get shit done. Whoever is responsible better watch out. I’m coming for them, and I’ll be bringing the pain. 
The Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick-ass, supernatural academy, Urban Fantasy Romance.

“Wake up, Indie.”

A hand landed on my shoulder and had the audacity to give it a shake.

Fuck off was the desired response, but the word that came out was harrumph.

“Indie, come on. You promised you wouldn’t miss today.”

Today? Oh, yeah, the team exercise, as in there is no I in team, as in I didn’t give a shit. But the exam was the last lesson of the evening, and my bio clock told me the sun had only just set.

Still, Minnie’s shadow loomed over me, and the heat of her gorgon glare burned holes in the back of my head.

September 13, 2019

Book Blitz: Rumba (Sultry Nights #3)

Rumba (Sultry Nights #3) By Melanie Munton
Publication date: September 10, 2019
Buy Link: Amazon
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Rumba (n): the dance of love, a tale of passion, the ultimate romantic connection between two people
Sophie Fuentes is supposed to be getting her family out of Miami. 
She is not supposed to be falling head over heels in lust—or is it love?—with LA drug boss, Max Ramirez. Especially not when she can’t tell if he’s an angel sent to save her, or the devil sent to destroy her. 
Undercover DEA agent Max Romano wants Sophie’s secrets. All of them. And not just for his investigation. The more he knows about her, the better he can protect her from the dangers that threaten her. 
The only problem is, he’s not ready for her to learn all of his secrets. 
And when she finally discovers the truth behind all of his lies, his entire world explodes into chaos.

Previous books in the series:
Sophie returns to the table with a coy grin but doesn’t take her seat. Instead, she holds out her hand, challenging me with her caramel eyes. “Supongo que sabes rumba, Señor Ramirez?” I assume you know how to rumba, Mr. Ramirez?

I inwardly cringe at the use of my false name, especially after the very personal and very true emotional bomb I just dropped. But I sense what she’s doing, and I’m grateful for her insight. She knew the memory had been too much for me to share. Could feel my overwhelming sadness and didn’t push me further. Instead, she’s giving me an out. A way of not talking about it and pushing the reset button.

September 12, 2019

Book Blitz: Fangs and Frenemies: A Blue Moon Bay Cozy Mystery (Witches with Anxiety, #1)

Fangs and Frenemies: A Blue Moon Bay Cozy Mystery (Witches with Anxiety, #1) By Cherry Andrews
Publication date: September 4, 2019
Buy Link: Amazon
Genres: Adult, Cozy Mystery, Paranormal
A socially awkward bobcat shifter. 
An ex-cheerleading vampire. 
A sweet—but slightly neurotic—cupcake-baking witch. 
They fight crime? 

When the case of a missing mean girl throws Hazel back into contact with two old classmates, it’s time for these supernatural frenemies to set aside past grudges and help clear each other’s names. 
But in the cloudy, romantic beach town of Blue Moon Bay, Oregon, it seems nearly everyone’s guarding a secret. 
And they all involve magic of one kind of another. 
Will these three women, who normally can’t stand each other, crack the mystery of what really happened to Hazel’s old bully, Ashlee—or is their effort cursed to fail?


I pressed the button to unlock Trixie, but nothing happened. Desperately I tried again, over and over. Couldn’t even hear her voice. “Crud! The remote battery must be dead.”

Max jogged back over, looking curious. “Maybe you could just fly to him, or something?”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Witches don’t fly, that’s a myth.”

“Not even with a broomstick?”

“Also a myth.”

“Can you stop time?”

“I’m a kitchen witch, not freakin’ Dr. Who.”

September 11, 2019

Book Blitz:Married to the Lord (The Wallflower Brides, #2)

Married to the Lord (The Wallflower Brides, #2) By Samantha Holt
Publication date: September 9, 2019
Buy Link: Amazon
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance
Waiting for one’s fiancé to set a date is never fun. Especially when it has now officially been years. Particularly when one is a veritable wallflower with little chance of anything better coming along. 
More so when said fiancé’s brother is paying particular attention to one’s life and causing all sorts of confusing emotions. 
All Miss Augusta Snow wants is for Evan to return home and set the date. If that means trying as hard as she can to break out of her quiet temperament to gain his attention, then she’ll do her best. 
But it seems she’s attracted the wrong brother’s attention… 
The brooding Miles Stanton, Viscount Ashwick has always been quietly fascinating to her. She knows he was a little less than a gentleman in his past but she cannot help be intrigued now that he is showing interest in her wellbeing.
He only intended to protect his brother’s interests… 
Miles always had a soft spot for Gus. However, everyone knew she was meant for his brother and all he wants is for her to be happy—especially with the specters of his past hanging over him and guaranteeing to bring trouble. He has to protect Augusta from doing something silly and somehow persuade Evan to cease being a fool and return home. 
All the while ignoring his feelings for her…
Augusta’s plans to show Evan that she is not just some dull wallflower seemed doomed to fail and now Miles is back in her life and behaving…well…strangely. She cannot help but wonder if she has been hanging her hopes on the wrong brother this whole time.


They strolled in silence for a while. A gentle breeze brushed the ribbons of her bonnet, sending them curling around her face. She swept them aside with a little annoyed grunt and Miles tucked his hands behind his back to resist the temptation of sorting them out for her.

When they came to where the path branched off and too far away from the party for their time together to be proper, Miles stopped. Augusta looked at him expectantly with dark eyes that made him wonder if she could see inside his soul—see quite how dirty and black it was. Though, she should have figured that out by now. There were few good men who would kiss their brother’s fiancé.

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