October 22, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: Movie Fix

We all have a list of movies we like to watch as Halloween nears. Don't lie, you know you do too. Halloween brings out the spooky in us. So below is my list of movies that I like to watch leading up to and on Halloween.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas - Bored with the same old scare-and-scream routine, Pumpkin King Jack Skellington longs to spread the joy of Christmas. But his merry mission puts Santa in jeopardy and creates a nightmare for good little boys and girls everywhere.

Book Blitz: Hansel, Part I (Hansel #1)

Hansel, Part I (Hansel #1) by Ella James
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Release Date: October 22, 2014
Buy Links:


Book Description:

My name is Gretel. I’m the dish-washer. The kitchen girl. I’m not one of Mother’s pets. 

I’m just a storybook girl no one sees. Until that night. When I find him again, and all my dreams come to life.

He’s mine—the one called Hansel. I’ve come here to claim him.

I’m Hansel, a crazy woman’s toy. It’s taken years, but I’ve finally forgotten everything outside my life here in The House. 

I live for sex and nothing more. Until I see her. Gretel.

I remember her. I need her. She is mine.

♥ ♥ ♥


I should have called this shit off a long damn time ago.

When I arrived in Vegas seven years ago, I didn’t know any better than what I was. Than what I did. I needed things I haven’t needed in a fucking long time now. Dominating women…it was the air in my lungs.

Now it’s goddamned boring.

October 21, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: Music Fix

There's nothing like settling down with a good book and music to accompany it, so here's a roundup of my current favorite 8tracks playlists that are Halloween themed.

Hocus Pocus by book’em-spacemonkey
an instrumental mix to start things off

Book Blitz: Unethical

Unethical by Jennifer Blackwood
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2014
Buy Links:

AmazonB & N

Book Description:

Love burns hotter the second time around…

Two years ago, the medical world was shaken by scandal, and Payton Daniels's family was at the center of it. 

The second she graduated, Payton left everything behind―her high school sweetheart, her family, and the controversy surrounding her mother's death—and hid within the anonymity of college. 

But Payton’s ex, Blake Hiller, hasn't forgiven her for leaving, and when he enrolls in the same medical ethics class, she panics. She can’t run the risk of him telling everyone who she really is.

As if being at the same university isn’t enough, both Blake and Payton land the same internship. Forced together, their passion for each other reignites, but when Payton is asked to testify in her father’s high-profile trial, she must choose between risking her acceptance into medical school to help her father, and losing every connection to her past—including the only guy she’s ever loved.

♥ ♥ ♥


My pillow was wet and stuck to my face. I inhaled, and my nose wrinkled as the stench of beer, Kool-Aid, and—French fries?—stung my nostrils. “Morning, sunshine.” Jules handed me a red Gatorade and ruffled my hair. She was eating curly fries and swiveled from side to side in my computer chair, the motion making me seasick. She shoved a fry in my mouth. “It’s good for your hangover. Eat up.”

I peeled my cheek off the fabric, chewed the fry, and sat up. Immediately, I laid back down and pulled the covers over my head, the material cold and damp against my skin. What the hell? With a dull ache in my hip and my head throbbing like it was having its own techno rave, it made it impossible to recount the events of the frat party. Crap. What did I do?

“This is embarrassing, but what happened last night?” I pushed my comforter off and took a swig of Gatorade to dilute the stale alcohol taste in my mouth. I didn’t remember anything after seeing Blake at the party.

October 20, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: Five Great Things To Do On Halloween

Every year people go around looking for things to do on Halloween and the days leading up to it and there is no shortage of fun to be had on All Hallows Eve. So, below are some of my favorite things to do on the days leading up to Halloween and of course the night of!

1. Pumpkin Picking - Okay, so not everyone has eons of time in their schedule to spend doing Halloween stuff, but pumpkin picking is essential! It's something that you should definitely experience at least once. Typically you can go to any farm in your area, take a tracker out to the field and pick away. As far as I know it doesn't cost anything to pick the pumpkins, but you do pay by weight, so obviously the bigger you get the more expensive it is. Out here in Jersey my favorite pumpkin picking place is Cheesequake Farms. It's not exactly the closest place to me, but it's well worth the drive.

Book Blitz: Ghost Heart (The PSS Chronicles #3)

Ghost Heart (The PSS Chronicles #3) by Ripley Patton
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Release Date: October 14. 2014
Buy Links:

AmazonB & N

Book Description:

In the aftermath of a brutal tragedy, Jason and Passion are on the run. Marcus is lost beyond reach, and The Hold is in shambles. 

If that weren't enough, Olivia Black has been taken by the CAMFers to be used as Dr. Fineman's personal lab rat in his merciless quest to uncover the mysteries of Psyche Sans Soma once and for all. But only if he can break her.

They are scattered.
They are devastated.
They are ruined.

Their only hope is Olivia's stubborn determination to thwart her captors and unlock the secrets of her ghost hand before Dr. Fineman can. Will she finally find the strength within herself to embrace the full power of her PSS?

And will it even matter if Marcus has already betrayed her?

♥ ♥ ♥


When I came to, I wasn't back in my cell. I was still handcuffed to the chair in the interrogation room with Dr. Fineman and Anthony. I was slumped over the table, my hair wet with blood from the blow to my ear. It wasn't crusting though, which meant I'd only been out a few minutes.

"Welcome back," Anthony said, grabbing my hair and lifting my head up, leaving a brownish-red smear on the table where it had been. "No time for naps. We're not done with you yet."

My head was spinning, and I felt like I might throw up. If I did, I would aim for the doctor. And that's when I noticed the new guy in the room. He was a CAMFer soldier, an older guy I didn't recognize with a prominent scar across his right cheek, running from eye to chin. I did the best I could to pretend he wasn't intimidating, but he was. I had a bad feeling the torture was about to ramp up a notch. Great. Something to look forward to.

"This is Major Tom," Dr. Fineman introduced him, smiling. "And he has somewhat of a bone to pick with you."

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