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I'm Corina, Cori for short a 32 year-old with a BA in Communications and Technology working on a Masters in Information Systems and Cyber Security.

Things that describe me: Aspiring author, avid reader who spends WAY too much money buying books from Amazon. It's not my fault, it's addicting. Painter, coffee addict who would probably be willing to sell her soul for a flavored latte. Cupcake enthusiast and lover of all things coconut. I write too much and sleep too little. This is my life. ♥

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Hey, I'm Melissa. I love reading, and that fueled me to want to write while growing up. I've graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Fiction Writing, and am currently working as a manager in retail at a teen clothing store. Young Adult remains my favorite genre of reading, and J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter fandom will always own my whole heart. I'm also a firm believer in fairy tales, and think everyone deserves to find their Happily Ever After.

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Hi, I’m Debby and I’ve written book reviews for several publications - including RT Book Reviews, had a few things published, and write as often as possible. When I’m not busy working, spending time with family, writing, or pursing other things, I love to read.  Rumor has it that I have a serious book addiction, but I neither confirm nor deny this allegation.    

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