Rating System

Like most people we rate books on a scale of 1-5. Obviously the higher the number, the better the book.

This book is so bad I wouldn't force my nemesis to read it. (April Nardini!) I either didn't finish it or my OCD reered its ugly head and I finished it, but then shoved it in the back of the freezer to live out the rest of its life frozen forever and ever.

This book has words and someone strung those words into sentences and then called it a book. Then if flew to my Kindle and/or bookshelf because it probably had a pretty cover that made me think the book was good. Don't bother reading it because if you do when you hate it I will say I TOLD YOU SO!

This book is good. I sat there read it and enjoyed most of it with only a few scathing comments or mockage of characters. I won't re-read it and it will sit on my bookshelf until I let someone  borrow it and then tell them they can have it.

This book is great. I read it, probably identified with one or more of the characters and laughed at the dialogue even though some of it might have been corny because come on we all need a little corn ball sometimes. The writer had a cohesive idea and that crossed through in the actual story, which I enjoyed greatly. This book is a keeper and it will sit on the bookshelf [or Kindle Fire] with pride. I will possibly re-read this since every so often I'll see it sitting on my book shelf all pretty.

This book is THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!...Okay fine This book is  almost as awesome as my coffee. I want to draw pink fluffy hearts around this book and then eventually be buried with it. The author wrote a story that not only captivated and engaged me, but made me feel for the characters on a level where I talk back to the book like I do to the Television when they do mean things to my favorite TV characters. There was good character development, an amazing style of writing, and the idea was something original. I will re-read this book on a rotating schedule. After every four new books I re-read an old one I loved and this will forever be in that rotation of old books because it give me warm feelings.
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