December 5, 2012

Review: Mostly Dead (Barely Alive, #3)

Mostly Dead (Barely Alive, #3) by Bonnie R. Paulson
Age Group: Mature Young Adult
Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 31, 2012
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Book Description:

Time is running out and Paul’s original wish for death looms. As his skin grays and hunger becomes uncontrollable, the world burns.

Heather and Paul have fallen for each other, but with life and death barricading them apart, and the potential cure disappearing into time, they have no hope.

Paul’s hunger is all-consuming. He has to walk into the flames, join Dominic, or eat everyone he loves.

Can he save anyone, if not himself?

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Oh my god.

OH MY GOD. Yes, that needs to be said twice and with capital letters. I cannot believe this story. It’s god knows what time in the morning and I’m mourning the loss of this finished series. Mostly Dead is the final installment in the Barely Alive series and boy did it deliver. I was literally on the edge of my seat with every twist and turn in this book.

Out of all three books not only was this my favorite, but it was the most action packed and had the fastest pace.  And holy crap the twists! The last four chapters shocked the hell out of me. This book was full of death, love, friendship, family, and new beginnings. Well, what I like to think is a new beginning.

Heather and Paul are the best. I just want to draw a bunch of pink fluffy hearts around them. There were a few points where Paul wasn’t exactly my favorite person because of some of the choices he made, but everyone was doing what they needed to do to stop Dominic’s army and protect the people they cared about.

I still can’t believe everything that happened. There are so many book series that have you enthralled all throughout the series and then when they end you’re so disappointed you feel cheated, but Mostly Dead is the exact opposite. It wraps everything up is this beautifully crafted bow and even gives us some new information that sets up the short story Viral Intent perfectly!

I’m seriously in awe at how well everything came together and with the ending of the book. I was incredibly satisfied. If you read the last two books in the series and enjoyed them, you will love this book to death.  Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

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