January 13, 2012

Review: The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues Volume II

Lights, camera, action is the main theme of Adra L Young’s second book, 'The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues Volume II' (TELCTM.)

Young’s second volume is a continuation of the successful first volume in her TELCTM series. She uses emotional, thought provoking, real-life situations as a way for aspiring young actors and actresses to rehearse.

Through personal experience, Young has developed a 115-page journey for children between the ages of seven and 18, to build up the skills they need to be successful in the entertainment world today. By using 52 real-life acts, Young delves into the subconscious of adolescent minds and creates a world where emotions, even those that are not your own, can be freed.

Young’s central theme is the issues faced by pre-teens, teens and how they are viewed by their peers and the world around them. With the books exceptionally accommodating layout, it is sure to be reader friendly. Within the first few pages Young separates all 52 scenes into three categories: Monologues specifically for young ladies, monologues specifically for young men and monologues for young males and females.

Before long the reader is caught up in a whirlwind of emotions as Young takes us inside everyday issues such as shame, underprivileged life, loneliness, a lack of motivation, life changing health complications and peer pressure. The second category hasn’t even rolled around yet and if you’re acting out these skits you’ve already bared your soul and reached emotional peaks that normally would take years to uncover.

The truly exceptional thing about this book though is the true to life situations it focuses on. It forces young actresses and actors to see these scenarios for what they are. Things that could or possibly have happened to them at one point or another. This book makes readers confront their own emotions and learn to relate to ones character.

Young hit the nail on the head when putting together this companion piece to her first book.
So if you are looking to take up some time in the lime-light look no further than Young’s latest book for all the gritty details on how to use emotion to become the who’s who of the acting world. Young’s books are $12 a piece and can be found at amazon.com.

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