January 14, 2012

Gossip Girl Spreads Like Wildfire

“Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.” Kristin bell, Gossip Girl.

The famous voice over running through millions of heads all over America and Canada is part of the fastest growing series on television today. Whether it is freshmen in high school or a mother of three, The CW’s hit drama, Gossip Girl is spreading like wildfire into people’s hearts.

September first started the initial wave of new and returning fall shows on the CW Television Network. One of which, is this years number two rated show on the network, Gossip Girl. The Show, starring: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, John Patrick Amedori, Kelly Rutherford, and Matthew Settle first premiered on the CW on September 19, 2007. The ‘Pilot’ episode brought in a total of 3.65 million viewers.

Last years newest drama, about New York City’s Upper East Side privileged youth is one of the few shows to live up to the hype it created. The show is based on the hit series of Books, Gossip Girl written by Cecily Von Ziegrsar, a native New Yorker. The shows viewers jumped from 3.65 million in the ‘Pilot’ to 4.3 million in the season two premiere, ‘Summer, Kind of Wonderland’.

Season one’s devastating finale, “Much ‘I do’ about nothing” left fans shell-shocked. Serena Van Der Woodsen (Lively) and Dan Humphrey (Badgley), the top rated couple by fans, ended their season long relationship leaving the couples fate up in arms. Meanwhile Chuck Bass (Westwick) decided his previous plan to commit to Blair Waldorf (Meester) was beyond his comfort zone. Nate Archibald’s (Crawford) drug addicted father fled the country as Lilly Van Der Woodsen’s (Rutherford) wedding of the century to Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) was nearly ruined by Rufus Humphrey (Settle). The dirty secrets poured from Serena’s closet when Georgiana Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg), a feisty troublemaker came back into her life.

Between the drama filled angst, musical sex partners, scandalous lies, and love triangles that will leave you reeling there is never a dull moment on screen. Each week Gossip Girl touches on several different topics that could very well be affecting the average teenager or parent (although probably on a less glamorous scale.) From drugs, parental abandonment and bulimia to bad break-ups, low self-esteem and of course the number one plague of a teenager’s life, gossip.

So far season two has been no exception. The wild antics and sexual appetites have never been more high when the show picks up three months from where season one left us. If viewers were worried at the end of last season that Serena and Nate were going to end up together worry no more. Nate’s got his eye on someone a little more mature this season.

After Chuck ditches Blair his summer in the Hamptons isn’t as hot as he thought it would be. Blair comes home from vacation with a nice little surprise that that leaves Chuck rethinking the way he abruptly ended their budding relationship. And Dan, well he’s been lip-locking with every hot young female he can get his hands on. By the end of the first episode so much information has been thrown at the viewer it’s hard to not want to tune into next week’s episode.

The much anticipated season two will air Monday’s at 8 p.m. and have 24 episodes this year. “Fans of the show already know things, and even people, are not always what they seem on the Upper East Side. The scandal and OMFG moments of season one are heightened in season two and we can’t wait to see more!” http://www.seventeen.com/fun-stuff/17-buzz/gossip-girl-season-2-premiere.

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