October 4, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday #3

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Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Is it to one day become an author yourself, just for fun, maybe get some online attention, or maybe something very different?

A: You know, I'm not one hundred percent sure what my goal for this blog is just yet. We only started it about a month ago and so far I'm pretty much loving every second of it. I love reading and writing and I find that marketing my blog and connecting with other people is always fun. I plan to add things to it eventually to possibly make some money, but that's not really my goal, you know? Having a blog is kind of like my own personal online diary and a place I can showcase my writing. An online portfolio if you will. But really, for right now it's about having fun.


  1. Hello! Stopping by from the PJ hop. I like your answer and I have to agree with you on the whole diary thing. Oh and I LOVE your blog design :D
    New follower...please follow me back here MY FF

  2. Hopping through. I think as long as you love your blog and have fun working on it, that's the most important thing.
    My Hop

  3. I agree. It is like an online diary. It's good to just have fun with it.

    Old follower.

  4. Yeah, I like having a place where all the books I've read are archived, albeit spoiler free. But at times I've read my own reviews to help me remember what happened in general with a storyline!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  5. @Antonietta Scrofani

    It's also ridiculously addicting! Haha Thanks for stopping by. Heading over to your blog now! :)

  6. @Alison Can Read

    Hey Alison! I agree, as long as you love what you're doing that's all that matter! :)

  7. @Jennifer Bielman It's definitely good to have fun with it! :)

  8. Hey! New follower. :) Yes, blogging has become addicting lol.

    MA Church

  9. I couldn't agree with you more.. great answer!
    Here's my FF.
    Happy Friday!

  10. Wow, wouldn't it be great to blog for a living? How much fun would that be?!?!

  11. New follower hopping through! :) My FF is here.

    My blog is new, too. I love your design!

  12. Hello, fellow coffee addict! :) Thanks for following my blog... now I'm following you, too!

  13. Hey Everyone!
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  14. Great answer! I never thought of it as a sort of online portfolio before but you're right! Thanks for stopping by! :D
    -Novel Reveries

  15. Thanks for stopping by Contagious Reads. I love your blog design. New follower.

  16. I used to be a coffee addict so I love your title, getting started blogging is sometimes hard it took me about 4 to 5 months to figure out what I wanted, writing, blogging style everything. Wishing you the BEST have a great weekend thanks for stopping by my blog returning the follow GFC
    Krista~Book Review Club

  17. Just have fun is the best answer :)
    Old follower
    Ruty@ Reading...Dreaming

  18. Great answer. Love the thought of it being an online portfolio =)

    Thanks for stopping by mine already!
    New Follower
    -Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

  19. Gorgeous blog! It's so pretty! :D And I'm a fairly new blogger as well, so I love meeting people just like me!

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  20. @MA Church

    Haha it is definitely addicting! :)

  21. @Ali @ Ginger-read

    It would be totally awesome haha. Best job ever! :)

  22. @Audrey Dawn Thanks so much for the follow! :)

  23. @Tali Spencer

    Yay for following and OMG isn't coffee the best thing ever? :)

  24. @Deneé Thanks! And yeah it can totally work that way. :)

  25. @LoriP

    Thanks so much. I really like yours too! :)

  26. @Krista Raven

    Haha nice and thank you! Thanks so much for wishing me luck! Hopefully I'll get the hang of things soon. :)

  27. @bookbitereviews

    Thanks! And thanks for the follow! :)

  28. @Daphne

    Thank you so much! Yay for new bloggers! I like meeting new people too. :)

  29. Welcome to the blogging community, its such a great place to hang out. So many nice people I have met since starting mine.

    Thanks for stopping by and Have a great weekend!

  30. Didn't think about making money by blogging... I have no idea how to even do that? If you know how... let me know! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my FF!
    Angela's Anxious Life

  31. Love your design! And I know what you mean, sometimes my blog is just a place that I go to to get out all my crazies! That way I can't see the worried looks people give me from behind their computer screens, like I can when face to face ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my FF's for this week Book Me! and
    Carmen Jenner Author

  32. Yes, I completely agree! Having fun should be the main reason to start book blogging. It is a lot of work, and if you have fun, then all the work is worth it. You know?

    Here's my Friday Hop

  33. Fun is the best answer! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Old follower.

    Christina @ Ensconced in YA
    My FF

  34. Agreed! Love your blog too :)

    new follower

  35. I love your answer, and your blog design! Thanks for stopping by. Now following via GFC. Happy Friday!


  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    New follower!
    BTW, I love your blog!

    - Cindy

  37. Thanks so much for stopping by my FF and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it! :D
    I really like your answer! I'm a new follower of yours!!! :)

    From: J.B. at http://jbkantt.blogspot.com/

  38. Oh, newbies! Welcome to the blogosphere. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  39. Ive written a few different blogs over the years, but most of them were to blog my everyday life, and now the life of my kids. This whole solely book blogging is new to me too, but really fun!
    New follower.

  40. I think that is a great answer=) following back.

  41. I never thought about blogs being an online portfolio, but you're so right!

    Thanks for stopping in & following. Following back!

  42. Following back, thanks so much! And online portfolio is right!


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