October 31, 2012

Random Column: Hurricane Sandy

The Frankenstorm That Refused to Quit

Happy Halloween!

Or not, Sandy is gone, but the damage she left behind hasn't left with her. I'm still sort of reeling with how many death she's left in her wake. Out here in Jersey things are pretty bad. We've got Obama making his way out here to assess damage and what not, who knows. The Jersey Shore is pretty much gone, which hopefully means they'll stop filling that god awful show...Bad joke? Yeah in all seriousness things are rough. I've spent the last day complaining about my lack of power and internet and the fact that my phone doesn't work (AT&T we've got to have words I almost broke up with you yesterday because you kept giving me SOS signals, WTH?)

Anyway, the truth is regardless of my lack of internet (I'm currently pilfering from Panera Bread, but there's like a line and we can only stay for so long.) I've had it easy. There are thousands of people in New Jersey right now with flooded homes, no homes at all, or family members that didn't make it through the storm. I don't know if many bloggers are addressing Sandy, but hey we write about what we know right?

So while I can only get on the internet for a bit I wanted to tell everyone who's dealing with Sandy now to be careful and all the people dealing with the aftermath, that it sucks, but it could be worse.

In site news, things are going to be a little slow until I get my internet back hopefully sometime soon, but who knows.

On a lighter note below is a list of things to do during a hurricane without power. Yes, I've done every single one of these things in the past three days.

Things to do During a Hurricane:

1. If you have a Father like mine and he buys head flashlights (I will totally upload a picture of these when I have a chance because they are so cool) that change color, red, green and blinking, then you can play red light green light in the living room with your siblings.

2. Use said head flashlight to read a book. I read three. Yes, see how many books you can read when there's no internet and twitter to distract you?

3. Listen to your iPod and have a singing contest with your siblings. If you're Mother isn't too busy cracking up hysterically at you like ours was then maybe she can tell you who won the contest.

4. Make your animals race each other. Put a treat at one end of the room and see which animal gets there first. Betting money makes this more fun.

5. Tell scary stories with a flashlight. This one is better at night because of the darkness factor.

6. Build a fort out of pillows, blankets and couch cushions before reading Grimm's fairytales back and forth and occasionally changing the endings.

7. Nap. You know all that sleep you miss during the week because you're working, blogging, tweeting and otherwise occupied? Well now's the time to make all that up. It's not like there's anything else to do.

8. Play Cards.

9. Play password. This one doesn't sound fun, but it actually is especially when you play with more than three people. Or if like my parents you use your children as clues to mean words *glares at them*

10. Watch movies on your laptops, iPads, Kindles, etc.

Guys if you know there's a storm coming charge all your devices and backup devices so that you have movies and music and basic necessities. Also I've never been so happy that I've been hoarding batteries and water haha. Guess who was prepared for the hurricane? Me!

That being said everyone be safe and hopefully I'll be able to update things for the blog soon!


  1. So glad you came through all right and in such good spirits. I live near Philly and things were scary... lots of wind, downed trees... but though the power threatened to go out on and off for days, it never stayed out for more than a few minutes. We were very fortunate. So many others suffered terrible losses. :( Stay safe and I hope your life soon returns to normal. *hugs*

  2. Glad to hear you made it through safe and sound! Been hearing about this storm and it freaks me out to no end! I live in the midwest, so I'm not impacted, but I've always been terrified of storms since I live in tornado alley. This one was just real scary and I've been reading articles and seeing pics of the damage. And I am still terrified.

    But again, glad you're safe and sound! You can always write your reviews the old fashion way with these items that they call...pen and paper? ;) (that was my poor attempt to be funny, and not insulting!, since our world today is ever changing with more and more technology! My sis is a preschool teacher and she was saying that teachers are wondering if they should stop teaching cursive and move onto more typing skills. Oh what a world we live in today!)

    Be sure to stock up on extra batteries for your head light so you can read!

  3. @Tali Spencer Tali thanks so much for the well wishes! And despite the fact that we've been without power for 5 days we're all doing pretty well haha. It's freezing, but we've got food and water and everyone is safe so that's a plus.

    Glad to hear you guys are okay out there! The wind was nuts! :)

  4. @Jessica@a GREAT read Jessica thanks so much! Yeah, it's been pretty crazy. Jersey is in a state of emergency and the state is running low on gas. It's pretty nuts.

    Oh I totally get being scared of storms and OMG tornados! Eep.

    Haha I have been writing reviews on paper, but I get transfer them to the computer and post them without internet access haha.

    We've got a ton of batteries! Thanks so much girl!


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