October 20, 2012

Review: Dust

Dust (Of Dust and Darkness, #1) by Devon Ashley
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: September 18th 2012
Review Copy: This book was given to me by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Book Description:

4. The number of times my delicate wings have been broken and clamped behind my back.
68. The number inked upon my skin, marking me the sixty-eighth pixie to be stolen.
87. The number of days I’ve been wrongfully imprisoned.
88. The first day the faeries will regret stealing me.

Healthy. Cheery. Vivacious. All traits Rosalie has before becoming enslaved by the faeries to make an endless supply of pixie dust. Now that Rosalie has been traumatized by slave labor, extreme desolate conditions and multiple deaths, this hardened pixie is anything but. When this rebellious teenager attempts an escape, she’s isolated in cramped quarters until she learns her place.

Just as she begins to let go of all that hope, she finds an unlikely friend in Jack, the faerie assigned to guard her. Interspecies dating is forbidden in the fae world, so their growing attraction is unacceptable. And even if Jack can find a way to free her, they know the prison is the only place they can truly be together.

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“Why can’t our existence be like the stars? Happily twinkling and dancing in the night sky, bringing light and entertainment to all who see?” – Rosalie, Dust.

Poor Rosalie.

That was the one constant thought going through my head throughout this whole story. Rosalie is a Pixie who is stolen from her home and forced into slave labor. Devon Ashley, author of Dust, does a remarkable job of getting inside Rosalie’s head and showing the reader what the torture and torment is doing to her inner self and her faith. I’ve got to say that as far as female characters go, while Rosalie is a bit na├»ve she makes up for it with heart.

She is a strong female character who is used to living a carefree life. But once she’s a slave her spirit, her heart doesn’t fade and the way she stands up to the Spriggins and Finley is truly inspired. Despite the constant beat downs, the fact that they starve her and lock her away in a dark hole, she still fights for her life and for her freedom. This book is dark and full of violence, which I think makes it that much better. It proves how much a person can really live through when they are fighting for their life.

Ashley delivers a very gritty story that captures you and pulls you in. It was hard to read them breaking Rosalie’s wings and it was hard to read about how she had to defecate on the ground and eat mashed up food in rations not fit for any living creature, but it also made me see how determined she is. The conditions that Rosalie and the other Pixies were in broke my heart. It makes my heart hurt to see anyone being treated this way and the fact that I was so emotional about it goes to show what a great job Ashley did with creating a world people could fall in love with.

My favorite part of the book though has to be when Jack was introduced. Sure he was a bit of an ass at first, but that all changed after he saw how they treated Rosalie. He took care of her, he helped her, he loved her. Watching them get to know each other and grow closer over the days she was imprisoned was a beautiful story all on its own. I seriously want to hug Jack for everything he did for Rosalie you know it’s probably going to come back and bite him in the ass, but it was so worth it. Their connection makes me let out these happy sighs.

I don’t want to give too much away about what happens with them, because I absolutely think you should read Dust and form your own opinion, but I would highly recommend this book. If you’re looking for some light fluffy read this isn’t the book for you, but if you’re looking for a book of substance with constant character growth, full of hope and courage then you’ve come to the right place.

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Devon Ashley
Author Bio:

Devon Ashley has always had an active imagination, and found herself daydreaming her childhood away. She became interested in creative writing as a teenager and used writing as a stress-reliever - and a way to escape the real world for a few hours. It wasn't until a judge in a screenwriting competition suggested she turn her world into a fiction series that she actually began writing novels.

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  1. This looks really really good. I'm going to look it up on my NOOK like NOW! Great review.


  2. @BecAlora Walker

    It's so good! And it's a series. :) Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. Great review. I have not heard of this series before. Sounds really good. I added it to my TBR thanks for sharing!

  4. @Jenn Renee Hey Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by! It's definitely a good read, glad you're planning to check it out. :)


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