October 9, 2012

Review: Much Ado About Vampires

Much Ado About Vampires
Guest Post by Anja

Much Ado About Vampires by Katie MacAlister
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 306
Release Date: October 4, 2011
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Book Description:

Corazon Ferreira is one heck of a jaded woman. Not only did her husband dump her for a pretty, vivacious blonde, but her sister has lost her mind and married a vampire. Worse, it turns out that Cora herself was a vampire’s mate in a past life…the very same vampire she witnessed killing someone.

If only Cora hadn’t inadvertently been caught up in the ill-laid plans of a reanimated corpse and its master, she could deal with the distractingly gorgeous vampire. But it’s only Alec who stands between her and those who threaten her existence, and there’s only so much temptation a woman can bear before she starts taking her heart as seriously as her head…

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Finally a Book about Alec and Corazon, some of you will read My Heart Will Go On And On it’s a short Story about how Alec lost his chosen one once. Due to the things that happen in the books before this, Alec Darwin is trapped in the Akasha, a Place with no Hope. And because of an accident with the Tools of Bael Corazon, Diamond, and Ulfur are transported to the Akasha too. After a hot first encounter, Alec becomes the Paladin of Cora. She is a tool and everybody wants her in order to earn more Power.

Thanks to Ulfur, Alec and Cora can escape from the Akasha but there are many people chasing after them. They need Help and they find that help in Kristoff and Pia. But you remember the short Story I told you about earlier? Well, Elenor’s past life from Cora came back to Earth as Lich with Soul. And Pia and Kristoff thought that Cora could possibly save Alec from the Akasha. Now Cora is forced to tell everyone including Alec that she is his true chosen one, something she doesn’t want to do because she hates vampires. All Hell breaks loose after Alec nearly gets caught by the hunters. Even this is not enough though. They have to save Diamond from the Akasha because if she stays there longer she will never be able to get out again.

Still in denial, Corazon realizes that she has strong feelings for Alec and she finally accepts that she is his chosen one. Because of that and a little help from a Devilish Angel they are able to Destroy the enemy. Elenor is still pissed off because she thinks Cora stole her life and her man and she uses Cora as a tool to Destroy Alec. Will they be able to get rid of their enemies? Will there ever be a chance for a Happy End? Read the book and you’ll find out!

This was book nine in the Dark Ones Series. It was funny, sexy, hilarious and hot like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t stop reading it. Elenor is a the kind of character you love to hate and after meeting her you seriously want to wrangle her neck. One of the great things about this book is you’ll get to meet a lot Characters from the other books in the series, though they’re not all happy meetings. I have to say that Alec’s Story is one of my favorites. If you like crazy, hot and romantic vampires, check this out.

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Katie MacAlister
Author Bio:

For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading. Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book. Despite her love for novels, she didn't think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non-fiction book about software. Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.

Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions. More than thirty books followed during the years after Noble's publication. Her novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and placed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell, and for the mystery world as Kate Marsh.

Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online.

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  1. I've never actually heard of this series, but HELLOH hot cover!

  2. @Samantha

    Haha I hadn't heard of it either until Anja sent in the review, but I have to agree. The cover is soo hot! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. @Samantha

    To Bad that my German Version doesn't have this cover ;) But thank you for reading my Review.

    Hope you like the Book.


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