October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead -- "Walk With Me"

Channel: AMC

Day and Time: Sundays at 9/8 CST

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Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.


 "Walk With Me" 
Review by Angela D. Williams
A new episode of The Walking Dead debuted last night on AMC, and boy was it ever a game changer.

For one thing, we didn't even get a glimpse of Rick or Daryl or Lori or any of the others. This episode focused on Andrea, who, last season was separated from the rest of the group because of the zombie herd that overran Hershel's farm, the new lady, whose name is Michonne, a familiar face from season one, and a new character, Governor.

The episode opened with Andrea and Michonne witnessing a helicopter crash. They both looked a little stunned, but make their way to it, hiding behind shrubbery when men in trucks roll up to investigate the crash. There are a few bodies, and the pilot, who survived the crash. The men checking things out kill some of the walkers that are around, and drive sharp objects through the skulls of those who died in the crash. Obviously they learned that it doesn't matter if a person is bitten or not; they come back as zombies.

However, it's also clear that Andrea and Michonne aren't aware of this, as both appear shocked by their actions. Michonne's "pet" zombies start getting restless and making some noise, and she quickly beheads them to avoid drawing the men's attention, except they've already been found. A voice from behind tells them to drop their weapons and turn around. When Andrea turns around, she sees Merle Dixon -- yes, that would be Daryl's brother that Rick left chained up to the roof back in season one. Andrea promptly faints.

Andrea and Michonne are taken to a community called "Woodbury" run by someone only known as "Governor." There is a strict curfew, and there are men who patrol the perimeter, and who stand guard at the "walls." Apparently only these men have weapons, and everyone else inside the community is weapon-less. (Makes you wonder what the back-up plan is for if zombies manage to get past these walls, OR if someone dies a natural death in the community and returns as a zombie without anyone realizing it for awhile, doesn't it?) Michonne is particularly unhappy that her sword won't be returned to her until they leave the community. Andrea, however, seems to be okay with all of the rules, and doesn't seem very suspicious about anything.

She and Merle talk about how they were both left behind, though he doubts she understands it as well as she thinks she does (and he holds up his arm with the missing hand, which he has now turned into a weapon, with a big knife attached to the metal arm). She tells him she hasn't seen Daryl in at least eight or nine months. He not so subtly hints that they should be thanking him for bringing them to the community because he saved their lives, and he makes it pretty clear that he very  much still holds a grudge against Rick. While Michonne is glaring daggers at him, Andrea quickly thanks him and he seems as satisfied as Merle probably gets.

Governor goes into a building where there is some science equipment, a guy who seems to be running the makeshift lab, and Merle. Merle and the scientist exchange insults and Merle starts to advance on him (to beat the crap out of him, I assume) and Governor tells them to knock it off. He sends Merle off and talks to the scientist. The man tells the Governor that removing the "biters'" arms and jaw seems to effectively remove their desire to eat. The governor wonders how this matters or could be of use, and the scientist tells him that if there are non-biters roaming with the biters, it could work as camouflage. The governor appears fascinated by this.

Governor then talks to the pilot, who is seriously injured but able to talk, and the man tells him that he was in a community similar to Woodbury, but the walls came down, zombies invaded, and things fell apart. He tells the pilot that won't happen here, and that if the pilot tells him where the rest of his friends are, he will find them, and bring them to Woodbury for safety.

The Governor drives to where the convoy of men is. These men have pretty heavy artillery, along with trucks (and one would assume food and water in the trucks). He waves a white flag to let them know he means them no harm, and he tells them he found their pilot and took him to safety. Then he pulls a gun and shoots one of them. Before the men can even react, shots come from all around, and every single person in the convoy is dead, and Governor's men--Merle included--begin running out from the tree line. They take the supplies and return to Woodbury.

As soon as the trucks roll up, the people in Woodbury gather around to see what's going on. The Governor tells them he found the pilot's men, but it was too late. He reminds them that they're safe here, and that it's almost curfew. The crowd disperses, though Andrea catches his attention for a brief conversation. She asks him what his real name is and he says he never tells. She says, "never say never." He walks closer to her and says, "never." Then he walks away, leaving her to stare after him. Hopefully that means she's not completely trusting him.

The final scene is the Governor in a house. There's a woman laying in his bed, covered only by a sheet. She's asleep. He's drinking some kind of alcohol, and he stares at a picture of himself with a woman and child, presumably his wife and son. Then he steps into another room and shuts the door. At first, all you can see of the room is a large high-backed regal-looking chair. He moves and sits down in it, taking a drink and staring ahead of him.

And that's the moment the camera cuts to what he's staring at and reveals about thirty aquariums filled with water and...human heads. The one on top has the pilot's head. It fades to black from there, leaving one to wonder just what kind of freaky wackadoo the Governor is.

All in all, this was a solid episode even without the majority of the cast members we're used to seeing. The next episode's previews appear to be split between Andrea, Michonne, and the new people, and Rick and the rest of the group at the prison.

Until next week...have a happy, safe Halloween!

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