November 7, 2012

Book Spotlight: Infinity Children by Trevor E. Donaldson

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Infinity Children by Trevor E. Donaldson
Genre: Science fiction, Thriller, Horror,
Publisher: Eternal Press
Ebook and Paperback
Pages: 198


Book Description:

Only time will tell who is master and who is servant. Lesser gods walk the Earth as do their children. The battles fought between their factions and those of mankind could break the world. The only hope of survival lies in a bloodied journal, discovered amidst the ruins of an ancient civilization, far in the Middle East.

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Author Bio:

Trevor E. Donaldson lives in Wisconsin surrounded by his lovingly tended library of vintage literary fiction.
When his head isn't buried in his books, he journeys the halls of unhallowed ages to imbue his writing with primal terrors.
His influences include: Emile Zola, HP Lovecraft, Andre Gide, Guy de Maupassant, and James Tiptree Jr.
Trevor’s work has been featured in several publications including: SNM Horror Magazine, Necrotic Shorts, Cover of Darkness Magazine, The Aviator E-zine, and Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine.

Eternal Press/Damnation Books published his novel Infinity Children in August 2012.

Current projects include:

A screenplay of mystery and horror entitled Iron Soul.
A novel of sword and sorcery with a working title of Never Trust a Goblin.
A game concept of horror and adventure entitled The Nameless.

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