December 4, 2012

Blog Tour: Barely Alive - Character Interview: Heather

Falling Apart (Barely Alive #2) by Bonnie R. Paulson
Age Group: Mature Young Adult
Genre: Horror
Release Date: September 2012
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Book Description:

Falling Apart

Days slip through Paul’s graying fingers. Humanity faces the end. His brother has the virus and is dying, too.

Paul’s hopes ride on Heather’s genetic code. Her immunity leaves her unchanged and untouchable. What would she see in the zombie he was becoming anyway?

Dominic’s army of infected grows, capturing the south and leaving little alive in its wake.

While Paul and his friends work on the vaccine, protecting the north becomes protecting the world. Heather is taken hostage and Paul races toward Dominic to save his heart.

With his time “alive” shortened, Paul must do more than protect the uninfected. He has to get his brother and Heather back to Sandpoint before the zombies find them. Paul needs to survive the upcoming war before he finds himself defecting to the other side and leaving Heather to Dominic’s mercy.

He has three days to get the cure or he might as well find a fire to call home.

♥ ♥ ♥

Character Interview:

Thank you so much for having me today. I’m going to interview Heather from the Barely Alive series, if she’ll talk to me about more than just Paul. *whisper* She has a crush and she’s a teenager, need I say more?

Bonnie: So Heather, I think I portrayed you fairly well in the series, do you agree?

Heather: Hmmm. Do you think Paul likes me? He’s so hard to read. I wanted so badly to tell him how cute he was in Falling Apart, but too many dangerous moments kept us apart. One minute I’m about to tell him how I feel, the next I’m seeing blood. So annoying, Bonnie, so annoying.

Bonnie: Okay, I get that. But the zombie virus is a bit more important than you. It’s something that can destroy the world. What did you think when you found out that you’re immune?

Heather: That was the same time Paul admitted to biting me. You know, he makes me feel safe. I didn’t think I’d end up wanting to stay with him in the beginning.

Bonnie: *sigh* Are we only going to talk about Paul, Heather?

Heather: Is there anything else worth talking about? *grin*

Bonnie: No, I guess you’re right. Okay, one last question… about Paul. How did you know you liked him?

Heather: When he kept himself from eating me, and all the other zombies we met. He just… I don’t know, cared more about keeping me safe and happy than survival. Fastest way to a girl’s heart is by putting her first.

Bonnie: I agree. Thank you, Heather, for a little bit of your time. If you get a chance, tell Paul and James I said hi!

If you could ask Heather anything, what would it be?

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