January 30, 2013

Book Blast: Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3)

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Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3) by Gabrielle Bisset
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2012
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Book Description:

I am everything you seek. I am vampire.

Blessed with the gift of telepathy, Terek always knows what a woman wants. His gift has afforded him nightly sensual pleasures and exotic treats for centuries, but beneath the surface he yearns for much more.

Ilona can give him what his soul craves, but only if he trusts his heart. One fateful choice made out of desire puts all he cares for in danger. With a civil war and the threat of Archon hunters at every turn, this Son may lose everything if he can't find the balance between heart and mind.

♥ ♥ ♥


Tracing the outline of her jaw, he watched the face of this angel and hated having to wake her. But if she didn't take his blood, he'd lose her for certain and for the first time since he'd turned her, he knew he couldn't bear to think of his world without her.

"Ilona," he whispered near her cheek. "Wake. I'm here."

Slowly her eyelids fluttered open and eyes vacant and lost stared back at him. "Terek?"

Her gaze cut like a knife to his heart. She was nearly gone already, her soul slipping into that void between the vampire and human worlds.

"Look into my eyes, Ilona. Look! I need you to stay with me."

Her eyelids drooped as she began to lose consciousness. Terror raced through his body. There was no more time to wait. Fear of losing her controlled his every move, and his fangs exploded into his mouth. In seconds, he'd pierced his wrist and the blood began to seep from his vein.

Pressing it to her pale lips, he waited in desperation for her to take his blood into her mouth. The blood pooled on her lips, but she made no effort to take it.

"Ilona! Listen to your sire. Drink. Now!" he commanded.

Her eyes opened and turning her head, she whispered, "No. Let me go."

More roughly than he should have, he grabbed her face in his hand and forced her to look at him. "No, I will not lose you! Drink!"

Her voice began to fade and faintly she answered, "Please. I can't live like this."

Terek bent over her and placed a kiss on her lips. The fear that he'd lost her already pressed on his heart and even though he didn't understand why, he was sure when she left him she'd take a piece of his soul with her.

He whispered against her lips one last plea. "Do not take her from me. God, leave her with one who can care for her. I beg of you. Do not take her."

"Why do you want me to live when I don't?" she whispered hoarsely.

"Because there is something special in you as there is in all creatures."

A tiny sigh escaped from between her lips. "You made me this and left me."

Cradling her face in his hands, he said, "I'm sorry. Don't do this. Don't leave me."

"I can't be one of these women. I don't understand this."

Terek kissed her tenderly. "Then don't be. Stay anyway."

Anguish filled her voice. "I woke and I was so hungry. But I don't want food. I hungered for you, but you were gone."

"Take from me everything you hunger for. Take from the one who knows what you need."

Pressing his wrist to her mouth, he fed her soul with his blood. Timid, she stared up at him in fear, but soon her hands held his arm to her lips and she eagerly took what he offered.

Her need for him—for his blood—touched his heart, and a closeness unlike anything he'd experienced in ages came over him. Something about Ilona made him feel like he hadn't felt in almost seven hundred years.

He wanted to save her, to show her the wonders the world offered. If she would allow him, he'd give her that world.

Ilona opened her eyes, and Terek saw that his blood had begun to bring her back from the empty abyss he'd feared and she'd begged for. A tiny smile formed on her lips, making him happy.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

I began writing years ago because I wanted to emulate the stories I'd loved. Now in an age that seems to glorify everything fast, I'm a bit of a relic. I believe that great things take time (you know--Rome wasn't built in a day). I take my time as I write and edit as I go because after a decade of being an editor and English composition instructor I know of no other way. Much of the joy of writing for me comes in the choosing of the exact word that can deliver just what I want a character to express to affect the reader the most.

For me, books aren't just narratives of this character did this, so this character did that, and therefore this occurred. They're stories full of the bigger issues of life: love, hate, power, lust and sex, hopes and dreams. And these wondrous things all thinking and feeling beings experience are shown not through the telling of he did and she did, but through the slow unveiling of events and characters so the reader becomes a part of the story. As Stephen King has said, “Good books don't give up all their secrets at once.”

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  1. Thanks for being a part of Blood Spirit's blog barrage! Your blog is so pretty! :)

  2. @Gabrielle Bisset Thanks you for having me! And I'm so glad you like the blog! :)

  3. l loved Blood Spirit. Terek is a wonderful hero. i absolutely love him These vampires are a must read. cant wait for Ramiels book

  4. This is a must read series! Terek is strong and caring and I was glad he got his perfect match! I cannot wait for more!!!

  5. I think this looks great!!


  6. @julie beasley We're so glad you enjoyed the book! I'm going to have to read it! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. @janette I've already added it to my 'To read' list! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  8. @Carriefort29 Thanks so much! We're glad you stopped by! :)

  9. Everyone should be reading The Sons of Navarus.

  10. Truly talented writers are what make reading so enjoyable and the Sons of Navarus are a Vampire lovers dream! This series is a must read!


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