January 21, 2013

Book Blast: A World Apart

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A World Apart by David M. Brown
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: June 16th 2012
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Book Description:

Demetrius makes his first mistake when he lets his best friend Halcyon marry Eleyna, the love of his life, without saying a word. On the day of the wedding, he walks away from the Elencheran town of Dove's Meadow and joins the army.

He makes his second mistake when the pirate Black Iris tricks him into letting dozens of men, women and children die in a fire. Demetrius is imprisoned in grief and disgrace.

But he can atone. The Black Iris is dead. The Ivory Rose has risen to the top of the pirates and is leading brutal raids on the coast. If Demetrius can capture and kill her, he'll win his pardon.

And then Demetrius discovers the Ivory Rose is Eleyna. He must decide which will be his third mistake: losing his last chance at a pardon or destroying the one woman he's ever loved.

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Chapter 29: An End to Sorrow

Over the next two weeks the Order spearheaded the clean-up of Merrivale. Only when the last of the flames had been doused and the final plumes of smoke from the embers had subsided was the true extent of the devastation apparent. In the south and west of Merrivale, there was hardly a street that had not suffered some destruction and ruin.

The main road running from the south gate to the citadel had suffered the most damage. Entire houses and shops had been blown apart, their interiors in pieces on the street, while the foundations still stood but trembled uncomfortably in the light, ghostly breeze that swept through the city. Businesses were destroyed, homes lay in ruins and piles of rubble were being sifted through from dawn until dusk by soldiers and citizens.

It took until the second week for the last of the bodies to be found and by that time the shocking reality of the Ivory Rose’s appalling assault against Merrivale had spread throughout Himordia and across the sea to other lands. With the situation on the streets having become so desperate, the Order had committed half of the junta to defend the city.

The Order was not unfamiliar with death. Its members were all veterans of combat and no one was worthy of a place on the junta unless they had held a sword and knew how to wield it in victory. Sometimes members of the Order could not sate their lust for battle and chose to lead armies into battle overseas or in the repression of insurgency and rebellion. Sometimes members of the Order were killed. It was the reality of battle, the thin line between life and death, the weaving of the hands of fate.

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Author Bio:

David Brown could be considered a fantasy fanatic, especially since he has spent the last 10 years developing a 47,000-year history for his fictional world of Elenchera. When converting his obsession into literary form, David commits himself to a rigorous writing and editing process before his work can meet his approval. Combined with the critical eye of his wife and a BA Hons in History and English, David's dedication leads him to his goal of inspiring readers through heartfelt stories and characters.

Although David is inspired primarily by fantasy fiction, he also finds his muse in the form of anime, world cinema, history, and biographies. His own books, Fezariu's Epiphany and A World Apart, and the in-progress Ansel's Remorse and The Stars Beneath the Parapets combine aspects from worlds both old and new into compelling tales of a world not soon forgotten. David himself certainly does not lack a spirit of adventure; in fact, he left his job in 2007 in order to spend a month travelling. Second only to meeting and marrying his wife, David counts this as one of the most amazing experiences of his life.


  1. Thank you for hosting me today, Corina.

    I really value your support :)

  2. Thank you for all the excerpts! Uhm are that tatoos in the cover, does the character in the book have them as well?


  3. Thank you for commenting Anas. The main character doesn't have tattoos in the book. The cover design is consistent with my first Elenchera novel which also used characters and symbols on the face of the main character. I just felt it was quite a nice touch :)

  4. @elenchera You're welcome! And thanks for having me! :)


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