January 26, 2013

Promtional Event: When We Collide

When We Collide by A.L. Jackson
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 2, 2012
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Book Description:

William has spent six years running from his past and the last eight months trying to rid his mind of the dreams that increasingly haunt his nights. Trapped in a world of false ambitions and feigned affections, William knows he’s reached a breaking point and something’s going to give.

Maggie had lived her entire life without hope until one man showed her what it meant to be loved. He’d been her light in a lifetime of darkness. Six years ago, that darkness stole him away. Without him, she’s surrendered herself to an existence she doesn’t know how to escape.

When the family William left behind is struck by tragedy, he is called back to the one place he’s sworn to never return to again.

In a moment that will change his life forever, William comes face to face with the girl who, with one look, captured his heart. He is unable to ignore the buried desires and the hope for the future they’d once believed they’d have.

Now William is ready to fight to take back what had been stolen from him six years before.

But he never imagined what that fight might cost him.

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My whole life growing up, I’d dreamed of getting out of Mississippi, until I left for college and slowly realized that small town was the only place I wanted to be. My older brother, Blake, had always teased me of being a momma’s boy, an accusation that had caused us more than a few fistfights out in our backyard when we were kids.

Growing up, I’d always strived to be tough, just like Blake, who was the star football player, the guy all the girls wanted. But I’d been the tall, gangly one —the scrawny little brother who’d end up with a fat, bloody lip after Blake put me back in my place when I tried to stand up to him. Proving Blake’s point, I’d always run straight to our mom, who would tend to my bloody lip with an ice pack and a gentle hand through my hair.

Funny how times changed. Now Blake had two little girls and a devoted wife, a quiet spirit and a soft voice, and I was no longer the awkward little boy. In the world I worked in, I slit throats before someone else could slit mine. I never thought twice about a quick stab to the back to get me one step closer to wherever Kristina wanted me to go.

Mom called us a power couple with no small amount of distaste, unable to hide her displeasure with the callused person I’d become. Apparently something inside me didn’t like who I’d become either. Forty minutes later, I pulled into the underground garage. I parked in the slot plated with my name, drew in a deep breath, and fixed my face with an expression to match the persona that each day seemed to become harder and harder to slip into.

The doorman stood aside with a succinct nod. “Good morning, Mr. Marsch.” I dipped my head brusquely in a clipped show of power and strode to the elevator.

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Author Bio:

A.L. Jackson is the bestselling contemporary romance author of Pulled, Take This Regret, and When We Collide. She lives in Southern Arizona where she's surrounded by her amazing family and friends.

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