April 1, 2013

Blog Hop: Stop Human Trafficking Donation Hop Sign-Ups

Stop Human Trafficking Donation Hop
Open Now
April 1st-25th

Why We are Doing This

I recently read Devil in Disguise by Heather Huffman. It's a great read; if you haven't already read it I'd urge you to check it out, and her book opened my eyes to a problem I didn't even realize we had in the United States: human trafficking. I know what it is and I've heard of it happening around the world, but never here and just the thought makes me sick to my stomach.

Human trafficking is all around us and there aren't nearly enough law enforcement agencies equipped to deal with it. The worst part is these people have infiltrated the internet and social networking websites. Do you know how scary that is? Basically everything we do today is digital and to think kids aren't safe using the internet is troubling.

I'm not a parent, but I do have two younger sisters, ages 16 and 12, and they fit the profile perfectly. And it's not just girls they're looking for either.

So, because we have some kind of crazy need to get involved with every worthwhile cause we find, we emailed Heather Huffman and she agreed to partner with us to host a Donation Hop to raise money and awareness for Project Liberty, an organization geared towards helping fight human trafficking.

The people running this organization are amazing. They do what they can to help the victims who are recovered from trafficking rings as well as trying to stop the people behind this awful practice. But as with all things, it costs money and the organization runs on donations.

I'm aware that money is tight everywhere, but when I think about what happens to these girls and boys, these kids, and what these traffickers do to them, I would gladly give up whatever I can to help.

How we plan on taking Donations

We have created a Crowdrise account and all donations will go through there. Once the hop is completed the money will be given to Project Liberty in full.

Giveaway Donations

We are asking fellow authors and bloggers if they have anything they'd be willing to donate, eBooks, hard copy books, signed books, book merchandise, anything handmade. We are open to anything. Everything that is donated will be separated into three different prize packages for people who donate money to the Donation Hop.

There will be one rafflecopter code for the third package giveaway since that price will be large, but feel free to create your own giveaway for the two smaller prize packages or use ours as well if you have nothing you want to giveaway.

There are three levels of prizes for people who donate money to the hop:

$5-15 - this would be package one
$20-40 - this would be package two
$50 and up - this would be package three

Then there will be one giveaway that all of the bloggers hosting the hop can enter for participating in the hop, sort of as an incentive. Sign up below!

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