April 28, 2013

Guest Post: Myron Night

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If all of our worst fears about global warming were to come true, what would you miss the most?

By Myron Night

Think about it: with trade routes disrupted, and international travel -- even interstate travel -- unreliable or impossible, there would be no out-of-season foods or exotic fruits, no commercial airlines or cruise ships. And coal, gasoline, building materials, light bulbs, paper products -- anything not produced in your local area -- would become commodities only the rich could afford.

In the case of Adam Twist, the thing he misses most is a good, strong cup of coffee. After all, what Private Investigator in history ever solved a crime without a constant dose of caffeine to keep the brain cells stroking on all eight cylinders? But even though coffee -- and money, but hey, what’s new? -- is in short supply, one thing that’s never in short supply in Twist’s life is trouble.

Adam Twist, as a character study, was fun to write because he is a dark hero, a throwback to the flawed but honorable detectives of the 1950s. This is a noir novel with the undertones of a black-and-white movie, but set in a violent global future that we all fear may be closer than we think.

Be forewarned! Twist is a fun read, but intense. Adult content and violence. No erotica, but a dark sensibility that is meant for mature readers who enjoy a ride through the worst side of human nature as Adam Twist searches for a lost girl, and his own redemption.

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Author Bio:

Myron Night weaves the dark quirks of human nature into the plot twists of his fast-paced, gritty novels. Myron has been a trans-continental hitchhiker, a blues musician, a theatrical producer and playwright, a financial advisor, and developer of www.misterpottymouth.com and www.tomorrowscope.com. He lives and writes in Bellingham, Washington, computer keys clicking in harmony with the silent purr of his cool cat sidekick, Mr. Black Magic.

His other books include PERFECT FINGERS, a ‘70s America coming-of-age story, and HABITS, a dark tale of one man’s mid-life crisis gone desperately awry.

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