May 8, 2013

Promotional Event: Lost In Time (A Fallen Novel)

Lost In Time (A Fallen Novel) by Christie Palmer
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: April 10, 2013
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Book Description:

Hidden in the shadows of the Infernos, Celeste is surrounded by the protection of Dante and her brothers. She is a Demon/Reaper a being that should never have been. An elite fighter, Celeste has honed her fighting skills and is a deadly weapon for Dante. Her one weakness? A Fallen Angel she has loved for two centuries.

Marcus a Fallen Angel knew the unconditional love of the Gods, and Angels. But he fell to the mortal plane in dishonor. Five hundred years ago he fell for a mortal, but she spurned him. Taking a vow of celibacy he has dedicated himself to fighting the evils of the world. Believing that he will one day be worthy of his lost mortals love as well as redemption from the Angels who turned him away.

One of the First… Calliope has been released onto the mortal plane. His one and only goal is to destroy Dante and the Reapers. Taking his rightful place as the ruler of the Infernos.

The only weapon that can kill Calliope is the Black Sword, a sword so evil only one creature in existence can carry it. Celeste. But she can’t hunt down Calliope on her own. She is forced to partner with the one being she wants more than life itself, Marcus. Can a Reaper/Demon and a Fallen Angel work together to kill Calliope before he succeeds in taking over the Infernos and releasing hell on earth?

♥ ♥ ♥


“Even we sometimes lose our way, and the actions today prove that,” he said cementing his fate. Several Angels took flight disappearing into the heavens not wanting any part of Marcus. “His love would have extended to those that had wandered from the path, he would not have wiped them from the face of the mortal plane.”

“Marcus, stop.” Sariel ran toward him on bare feet, her wings flowing behind her. She was the closest thing he could call a friend in the unconditional love of the Congregation.

“No, Sariel.” Marcus held up his hand to stop his friend from coming any closer.

He looked up into the clear blue sky, the ash and smoke having cleared from the visage of the fields where the Angels lived. “We are to be the compassionate ones. We are to show mercy and love when none other exists. Guide and care for the mortals. Be the light that He gave us for them. Today we had none of this to give. And I would rather live among the ones with free will, then abide with the now corrupted power of the Angels.”

A hush fell over the crowd. No one spoke, not even a breath was ushered. Marcus held his own breath waiting for the judgment he didn’t have to wait long.

“So be it.” The voice came from the heavens shaking the ground he stood on.

Marcus felt the voice from deep in his head spiking pain throughout his entire body. He lurched a step and stumbled with the alien feeling of pain. Something he had never felt before.

When he finally gave into the pain the sound of his screams were strange and foreign to his ears. He clamped his mouth shut biting his lip as he did so.

Lightening lit the darkening sky as his body writhed with pain.

“You have chosen, FALLEN.” The voice shifted to a screech.

“FALLEN!” It repeated over and over again. Making his ears pop, he felt something trickle from them knowing it was his own blood; blood that had never been split until this day. He was proud to spill it on behalf of the poor souls that had been condemned.

Searing pain spread through him as his wings were ripped from his back. Marcus arched away from the pain and heard his own voice begging for a mercy he knew would never come.

If the collective could wipe out all the people of the valley, then the screams of one brother would not sway them. He screamed anyway begging for the pain to stop. Finally, blackness swallowed him and he sank into its arms gratefully.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Christie was born and raised in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Ut. She lives less than a mile from the home she grew up in. World traveler she is not. But what she lacked in travel she more than made up for in her imagination. Within her vivid imagination she has traveled the world over as well as different worlds and different times.

She works a full time day job to pay the bills but looses herself in books and her writing whenever possible. She is a loving mother of two wonderful children that she admits she is obsessed with. She has been married for 18 years to a very tolerant man that is grounded in reality in order for her to fly to the heights of her own imagination.

She started writing when she was a teenager after reading a book that she didn't like the ending too. Took a hiatus to raise her wonderful children but has dedicated herself to becoming a published writer for the last several years.


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