August 10, 2013

Blog Post: Flavor of the Month

So, I was thinking of how I could work things differently for this month's flavor of the month giveaway and I spent a ridiculous amount of hours agonizing over what flavor to choose(since once again I have decision making issues) and when I tell my sister about my dilemma, she pauses, looks at me, shrugs, and says, "Why don't you tell them your favorite flavor and then offer a gift certificate so they can buy there's?"

Not a bad idea haha. So lately or for the past couple of weeks anyway I've been obsessed with Green Mountain Coffee's flavor Island Coconut. It tastes amazing, but what's even better is the smell. Good god I could fall in love with the smell of this coffee, or just sit there an sniff it all day. It's a treat for all the senses.

I would legit drink this stuff all day long if I didn't think 15 cups of coffee a day was probably not a good thing haha. Anyway, that is my flavor obsession for the month. What have you guys been drinking lately?

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  1. Still drinking my usual skinny caramel latte!

  2. The Jamaican Me Crazy flavor is excellent and it also has a hint of coconut!

  3. I'm pretty boring. I love starbucks whole bean medium roast coffee with cream and stevia. :-)


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