August 19, 2013

We Need A Break, Our Time To Harlem Shake...

Pretty Darn Funny (PDF) is back for it's Second Second and good God, its out of control!

I love it. 

The series follows Gracie Moore, a mom who gets more than she bargains for when she forms an all-female comedy troupe in efforts to clean up the local comedy scene.

So, I was sitting here minding my own business and eating a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese (yes this is important to my story you'll see why in a minute) while watching this weeks Pretty Darn Funny webisode, not a good move by the way and I nearly keeled over and died.

'Movie Cheating' was hilarious! I kid you not. So, as I'm taking a bite of my bagel they start talking about 25 cent movies and I'm laughing. Okay fine not a big deal. By the time they get to the theater I'm choking on my bagel because eating and laughing doesn't mix.

Caution to the wise, don't eat a bagel while watching and make sure if you're drinking coffee your mouth is facing away from the computer.

Anyway, Lisa Valentine Clark is spectacular. I love her. She totally reminds me of my wackado Mom, in a good way! The whole time I was watching the 'Footloose Parody' I was bent over cracking up hysterically.

She was ball-busting funny in Movie Cheating also. Can you imagine, 25 Cent movies *snorts* and oh my god the concession stand scene with the popcorn...I was in tears by the end of the 8 minute webisode. And Christopher Clark was also super funny. I can't even with these two. And when they were making up their own lines for the movie, oy. I think I've watched it three times already. I cannot believe I've never seen PDF before this weekend. I must have been living in a dark crevice of a hole.

But again, I digress. This week courtesy of PDF and Deseret Book we'll be hosting a giveaway for one copy of Longing For Home by Sarah Eden. Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below! And don't forget to check out this weeks videos and share them with your friends! I know I will!

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