September 7, 2013

Blog Post: Top Ten Things Every Indie Author Should Know

1. Have a Website

I cannot stress this enough. I've been blogging for close to a year now (not very long in the grand scheme of things I know) but in the last few weeks I can't tell you how many authors have asked me to promote their books, but do not have a website. Now I'm not trying to be mean, but when an author doesn't have a website it makes my job so much harder. Plus, I have nowhere to direct people to go when they want to look into you or your book. I know it's hard to get things up and running and it all takes time, but definitely look into putting something up even if it's just a blog with the basics. Two really great blog providers and the most popular are of course Blogger and Wordpress, but I'm sure there are a bunch of others as well. Take the time to do it because it really does make a difference.

2. Add your Book to Goodreads

Guys, seriously  add your book to Goodreads. I don't actually know how long it takes, but I don't imagine it takes long. As a blogger I am constantly entering things where I count the number of books I read and I don't know about anyone else, but I totally love updating my percentage read on Goodreads. It makes me feel accomplished and if you don't put your book up there I can't count it in my final total...But more than that it also give us the basic information about you book like the summary, date it was or will be published, the genre and even the cover. It's helpful to have that when reviewing or promoting a book.

3. Personalize Your Review/Promotion Request

When contacting a blogger take the time to find out their name or if you can't find that use the name of the website. I appreciate all the people that get in touch with our blog, but I get seriously annoyed when generic messages are sent or worse, when someone sends a request with another person's name on it. I get that there's a lot to do when you're an author and writing out emails gets really tiresome, but it doesn't take long to make sure you have the right name. You're asking people to take their time to promote something for you or review something for you, so try to get their name right, it will make everyone a lot happier.

4. Get a Twitter Account

I know, some people just don't like Twitter. I get it. I go through my I hate Twitter days too, but as an indie author social media is incredibly important. You don't have a publishing company putting ads up everywhere or yelling your books names from the top of their lungs. The only way to get the word out about your book is to do it yourself and have people (bloggers, friends, book promotion companies) help you. Tweeting and ReTweeting is probably one of the easiest ways to promote your book, plus you can do it on the go!

5. Get a Facebook Account

We've been here before haven't we? A lot of people don't like Facebook, honestly I'm one of them. But having a Facebook page for you blog or book is also important. It's one of the main social media platforms to promote your book on. The great things about Facebook is that it can be linked to Twitter. So, everytime you tweet it gets sent to your Facebook and you've killed two birds with one stone. Twitter has a great tutorial on how to link the two accounts. It only takes a couple of minutes and then viola! Linked.

6. Editing is your Friend

You can never edit enough. It's not a huge deal in an ARC, but it can get distracting while reading. But in there can never be too much editing in a final version. Edit the hell out of those pages and when you think you've had it edited it one more time. I know it sounds tedious, but I've read some novels that have an amazing plot, but the lack of editing has distracted me to the point of not being able to finish it, which stinks.

7. Book Cover's Matter

It sounds silly, but a cover is the first thing you see aside from the book summary. It's possible that I've been known to pass on books because the cover and summary were both a turn off. It's hard to write a summary, at least it's always been hard for me. A good cover helps give the reader a push that an iffy book summary might not, so don't skimp on the cover if possible.

8. Befriend other Indie Authors

There are a ton of Indie Authors out there so go out and connect with them! The greatest resources are going to be found with fellow writers. Discussion boards, help posts, websites, tips, and a dozen or so other people with like minded ideas. Need help plotting? Got writer's block? Stuck on a particular idea you don't think makes sense? Then go to your fellow writers and ask for help. Being connected with other Indie Authors also helps when promoting your books. Giveaways are always more successful when you do it with other blogs/indie authors.

9. Sign Up with a Book Promotions Website

Book promotion and touring websites are your best friends. I love working with them mostly because they get all the information from the author and send it right to me, which saves me time, but they also get a further reach since they have a lot of tour hosts. Some of my favorite promotion blogs to work with are Inkslinger, AToMR, and Reading Addiction. There are a lot more, but

10. Have Fun!

I haven't written a book, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's incredibly stressful. But learning how to take the good with the bad is important. Don't take bad reviews too seriously, everyone has different tastes. Really just have a good time writing and promoting. ;)

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