September 2, 2013

Budget Cuts: MRE's, Diluted Milk and Laundry Baths...

This weeks Pretty Darn Funny (PDF) was hilarious, not that, that's different from the first two episodes. The opening scene of this weeks episode, 'Budget Cuts', had me cracking up. Gracie diluting the milk and the hand drawn thermometer to keep track of home much they saved was too funny.  One of the things I love about PDF is that they deal with real life situations in an amusing way.

Gracie is crazy funny with her money saving methods. I don't want to give too much away because I absolutely think you should go and watch the episode, but I'll touch on some of the highlights of this weeks episode.

> The milk scene
> The garbage scene
> The bathroom scene
> Then credits

The whole thing is great, but those are probably the points where I laughed the hardest. Gracie has such a natural way with humor and I love that the kids were in this video. And oh my god the end result with the picture...You just gotta watch this video.

Check it out below, like it, share it, tell your friends haha.

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