October 24, 2013

Angie's Favorite Supernatural Fictional Characters

Favorite Supernatural Characters

People who know me well are familiar with the shows I watch and the genres I prefer. Most of my television addictions involve the supernatural in some way, shape or form. And because this is Halloween month, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite supernatural or supernatural-related characters.

Let’s start with the characters of days gone by.

1. The Pod Squad from Roswell. Max and Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, aliens from a planet called Anatar. I don’t know if aliens technically count as being supernatural, but they’re making the list anyway. Max could heal people who were sick or injured by simply placing his hand on them. Isabel could visit people’s dreams (and let’s face it, that is COOL). Michael mostly blew stuff up, but it wasn’t intentional.

2. Cordelia Chase, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. I think two kinds of Buffy/Angel fans exist. One kind loves Cordelia with ferocity and the other passionately hates her. I definitely fall in the first category. Watching her grow from a selfish, snobby coward into a caring, brave Seer for the Powers That Be was awesome. I maintain my opinion that out of ALL the characters from the two series’, Cordelia was the one who showed the most character growth overall.

3. Zatanna Zatara, DC Comics. To be honest, I first got to “meet” Zatanna thanks to a show called Smallville. Imagine my surprise when I started reading DC comics with Zatanna in them and I found out how very different she was from the Smallville version! Zatanna is from the Homo Magi race, and because of this she’s a very talented magician. She’s not exactly a witch, but most people wouldn’t see the difference, either. Her magic works when she speaks commands backwards. Woh looc!

4. Anna, The Vampire Diaries. I really never saw Anna coming. They brought her on under the guise of being a home-schooled high schooler who was interested in Jeremy Gilbert. Of course, it turned out she was a 500+ year old vampire. As much as I love The Vampire Diaries, the show tends toward the predictable, but Anna was an exception for me. I also never saw myself liking her character as much as I did/do, so when they killed her off, I was crushed. (I admit, I have NOT given up hope that they’ll bring her back -- Bonnie dropped the veil between worlds last season and there’s that perfect opportunity to bring her back into the fold. HINT HINT, writers. HINT HINT.)

And now, the current supernatural characters that I love.

5. Scott McCall, Teen Wolf. I had people telling me for months that I needed to watch this show. I resisted for various reasons, but gave in about three weeks ago, and...why? WHY DID I RESIST? This show is awesome. It’s about a teenage boy, Scott, who gets turned into a werewolf. It sounds cheesy, I know. And parts of it can be. But oh I love Scott. He’s such a “boy next door” with a werewolf twist. He’s got a heart of gold and even though he makes some bad choices, I can’t fault him for making them because he’s still a teenager.

6. Castiel, Supernatural. Ever since the writers brought angels into the fold a few seasons ago, Castiel (played by the awesome Misha Collins), I have loved this character. He’s amazingly flawed and often clueless and naive which can be a hilarious combination. The fact that Misha is basically the exact opposite of this character makes his performance on Supernatural all the more entertaining for me.

7. Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. Back when I first started watching The Walking Dead, I never in a million years would have guessed that I’d love Daryl as much as I do. He came off as a very stereotypical racist, redneck jerk with a bad temper. But as the layers have been peeled off the last three seasons, Daryl’s become one of my absolute favorites on this show. He’s complicated, coming from an abusive family and being an expert hunter and tracker. The last two traits have made him invaluable to the group of survivors he travels with and he’s stepped up and become a really believable, caring person. Even if he’s still very rough around the edges.

8. Michonne, The Walking Dead. She showed up at the end of season two and saved Andrea’s life with a kantata. They didn’t even show her face. They only showed that whoever Andrea’s savior was had two armless walkers on a leash. Last season revealed Michonne as that savior, and a little at a time, began giving us clues to her character. Though we’re still largely in the dark about her background, we’re seeing bits and pieces of it. But let’s face it. When it comes to being badass, women have largely taken a backseat and I think that’s part of why Michonne is such an appealing character to me. She is awesome.

9. Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead. When we first see Carol in season one, she’s quiet and reserved. Then we find out the reason behind that: her husband was abusive. (Can I just say I find it very poetic justice that he was eaten by zombies? Because he really deserved it.) She went from being scared of her husband’s shadow to becoming good friends with Daryl Dixon (arguably the closest person to Daryl on the show), and learning how to kill walkers to teaching KIDS how to kill walkers so said kids won’t be defenseless.

Now I realize the last three aren’t supernatural characters themselves, but they ARE on a supernatural-based show.

So that’s my list. What about you? Who are YOUR favorite supernatural characters?

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