October 17, 2013

Blog Tour: Black Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge #1) - Guest Post & Excerpt

Black Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge #1) by Nicole Zoltack
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Release Date: October 21, 2013
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Book Description:

Once a year for the past decade, Nicholas Adams returns to Falledge and leaves a black hellebore on his girlfriend's grave. While departing Falledge, he chases after a man sneaking into the laboratory and dies for his trouble. 

A witch brings him back to life, but Nicholas soon realizes he's not the same man. Turns out, magic combined with a black hellebore in his pocket changed him into a kind of a super man.

His girlfriend's twin, Julianna Paige, is Falledge's deputy, struggling to solve several murders. Nicholas, and his alter ego the Black Hellebore, helps her, even as she helps him move on and even start to love again.

Unfortunately, Nicholas wasn't the only one changed in the laboratory explosion, and now there's a supervillain bent on destroying Falledge, and killing the Black Hellebore. But falling in love might prove more dangerous than any supervillain.

♥ ♥ ♥

What is a Superhero and What Makes Nick a Good One?

A superhero is more than a man with superpowers. After all, super villains have superpowers too. Some superheroes, like Iron Man and Batman, don’t have superpowers at all. What sets superheroes apart is their heart, their desire to help right wrongs, their cause for justice. A superhero strives to make the world a better place.

Nicholas Adams never intended to become a superhero. He had no idea why he could run so fast or where his strength came from. It frightened him. For so long, Nicholas relied on no one but himself. Going from job to job, with no aim, no purpose, traveling from town to town. Now, he had a chance to help others more than he had ever received.

Was Nicholas flawless? No. Did he fail at times? Yes. But he persevered and struggled to help his friends and loved ones, and everyone who lived in Falledge. They mattered more than he himself did. And that’s what makes Nicholas a good superhero. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing all you can to help others.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tires squealing drew his attention, and he ran to the front of the house. A loud crash sounded.

He threw the door open, the door coming off the hinges. Nothing to the left. Nothing to the right. There, off the road.

A car.

Slowly sinking into the lake.

His heartbeat accelerating, Nicholas burst down the porch steps and stood beside the lake fifteen seconds later. By now, the car wa completely submerged but still sinking. He dove into the water and reached the car. Two passengers, a female driver and a young boy in the back seat.

Knowing time was running out, he cocked back his arm and punched the back window open. Water rushed into the car. He ripped at the car seat harness and freed the boy from the restraints. Two powerful kicks of his legs and they reached the surface of the water. Using one arm to hold the boy and the other to swim, he reached the shore as quickly as he could and dumped off the boy before returning to the car.

Time to save the mom.

The car was sinking faster now, already much deeper than it had been when he rescued the boy. He swam to the front of the car. It was completely smashed in. The crash must have been through the steel fence surrounding the lake.

Turning around, he realized the driver's side door was mangled, the woman's body trapped against it. It was too dark for him to see if she was bleeding or not, but he couldn't risk trying to open the door to save her. She could bleed out or become punctured on the sharp edges of the door, if she wasn't already.

But he had to do something or she'd die.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Nicole Zoltack loves to write fantasy/paranormal, romances, horror, historical, for adults and young adults, novels, short stories, and flash pieces. She doesn't want to get boxed in by genre -- she might be claustrophobic! She's also an editor for MuseItUp Publishing and works as a freelance editor.

When she isn't writing about girls wanting to be knights, talking unicorns, and zombies, she spends time with her loving family. She loves to ride horses (pretending they're unicorns, of course!) and going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, dressed in period garb. Her favorite current TV show is The Walking Dead.

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  1. My favorite superhero is Captain America.

    1. Nice! I'm an Iron Man & Thor fan myself and in DC Green Arrow (played by Justin Hartley on Smallville) is my fav! :)

    2. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are all great choices!

  2. Thanks for having me and thanks for dropping by, Pam!

  3. Captain America. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

  4. Woo, I love superheroes! Wolverine is a particular favourite of mine. And Iron Man and Superman and and and... ;)

    1. Same here! Ohh I like Wolverine too! Iron Man is awesome, Superman too.:)

    2. I've aways been a Wolverine fan. Gambit too.

  5. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. Followed closely by Iron Man.

    1. Yay for Wonder Woman! When is she getting her movie?


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