October 22, 2013

Playlist: 13 Days of Halloween

Whether you're stuck at home passing out candy this Halloween, or throwing a costume party- you're going to need the right music to set the correct mood.

Halloween is so many things to so many people, and it ranges from the spooky scary stuff, to the wild and fun aspects of life. So why not have a playlist that encompasses all of that?

Below are 13 (seemed like a fitting number for the occasion) songs I've put together to have a great time this Halloween, and it's not the same ol' "Monster Mash" list that's been around for years.

Yes, the classics like "Thriller" are still present, but that's mainly because it's become one of my life goals to learn that dance (this is my year people, it will be done).

So take some time to listen while you carve your pumpkins, bob for apples, or while  drinking rum dressed as a pirate.

After all, what holiday is complete without a song by The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff making a cameo?

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