October 23, 2013

Review: Aporia (Wisteria #3)

Aporia (Wisteria #3) by Bisi Leyton
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror
Release Date: January 13, 2013
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Book Description:

Wisteria was forced to betray Bach in order to save his life. Two years later, his best friend and her blackmailer Enric shows up on the Isle of Smythe demanding she help the Family locate Bach's brother who has disappeared.

Dragged back into the center of the Family's politics, she searches for the missing Family member along with Bach who is still deeply bitter from her apparent callousness.

Traveling through the decaying human world, Wisteria and Bach uncover more truths about RZC Bio Technologies, Wisteria's complex family, Bach's mother and their seemingly impossible bond. And pay a very high price.

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Aporia by Bisi Leyton is the third book in the Wisteria series and by far the best one so far in my opinion. Aporia basically picks up where it left off in Myopia. Back is still attempting to heal while living in the Isle of Smythe. But their down time doesn’t exactly last long. Bach’s brothers and Enric make their way to the Isle to tell Wisteria that Bach is dying and the only way to save him is to send him back to his home world to regenerate.

But of course the only way to make Bach leave Wisteria is to make him hate her. The whole thing was incredibly painful to read, the way she treated him and everything that happened. I know she was just doing it to save Bach and protect her Mother, but still It was all super sad. There are a few time jumps in the story and once Bach finally does leave I believe it’s two years until he and Wisteria see each other again.

At first I was mad about the time jump and all the obstacles for my favorite couple in this book and once I got to the end I nearly tossed it into a wall (which would have been terrible for my poor Kindle). But I was genuinely interested in the story Leyton was telling. By spending a lot of time in Bach’s point of view we learn so many things that we didn’t know before.

Aporia is full of backstory and information on Bach, Wisteria, Lluc, Coia, and Wisteria’s parents. We get to see what happened when Bach and Wisteria were kids and being experimented on and we also get to finally understand why that was done. But with that comes revelations that neither Bach nor Wisteria will be able to ever forget.

This beginning of this book is a little slow, but once Wisteria and Bach are back together on their search for Lluc and something even more troubling, the story picks up and we pretty much fly through the rest of it at lightning speed, or at least I did. There were also a lot of new characters brought in to the story and while I disliked most of them, I enjoyed the new Family girl, Radala, she amused me.

I also think that a lot of the characters really grew in this story and came into their own. They understood a lot more than they did before and that helped them when making some hard decisions later on. While there were some part of the story that were a little boring and other parts that made me slightly angry, overall I really enjoyed the journey Wisteria and Bach took and how no matter what they’d do anything to protect each other.

I’d definitely recommend this book and with Halloween so close it’s the perfect read!

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Bisi Leyton
Author Bio:

Bisi Leyton was born in East London in 1978. She grew up in London, Nigeria and the States, listening to the stories life and love from aunts, cousins and big sisters.

She lives in London, but has worked around Europe including France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. She has a fondness for reading graphic novels, and cracked.com.

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  1. I haven't heard of this one before. Great review.

    1. Aw, thanks so much. It's a good series! :)


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