November 8, 2013

Review: Greed (The Seven Deadly #2)

Greed (The Seven Deadly #2) by Fisher Amelie
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2013
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Book Description:

Gather ‘round, love, because I want you. I want what you have, I want what you don’t have, I want more of what I already have. I want. But if you so much as ask for something in return, go ahead and walk away. 

Know if you want to play in my world, it’s every man for themselves and the weak become mine. Leeches will be obliterated because I make it my job to destroy them. I protect what’s mine and I take what’s yours...because that’s what I do. I want.

My story will not endear me to you and, frankly, I could care less if it does because I’m in this for the money and nothing else. There’s nothing redeeming about me. I’m a corrupt, money hungry, immoral asshole from Los Angeles. I’m every man’s worst nightmare and every girl’s fantasy.

I’m Spencer Blackwell...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most coveted guy to the guy no one wanted around and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

♥ ♥ ♥

“I choose life…Goodbye, demons. I will carry you no further. You will never plague me again.” – Spencer, Greed.

Greed by Fisher Amelie is the second book in the Seven Deadly series and as much as I loved Vain when I read it, my enjoyment of Greed far surpassed that of the previous book. I thought it wasn’t possible to like a book more than I liked Vain, but I was wrong. Greed follows Spencer Blackwell, who we met in book one. He was and continues to be Sophie Price’s best friend and while I liked Spencer in her book, his book opens up so many more facets to his personality.

In Vain we get the sense that Spencer and his family aren’t close and in Greed we learn why. Despite the fact that Spencer is away at school, every so often his father will call him home to do his bidding and Spencer, knowing he’ll get paid handsomely comes home and does it regardless of the fact that he  hates himself for it afterwards.

I really love the way Amelie writes Spencer. We get to see so much of what is going on in his head and why he does the things he does. In the beginning of the book all Spencer wants is to get enough money to get out from under his Father’s hand and he definitely has enough, but he can’t seem to see that. All he sees is the fact that he needs more. His greed clouds his judgment until his baby sister tells him she’d pregnant.

I think that and what happened after she told their Father was the point where Spencer decided the well-being of his sister and her unborn child was more important than getting even more money from his Father. I don’t want to give too much away, but after their Father basically tells Bridget to get rid of the baby or suffer the consequences (and he wasn’t talking about cutting her off or disowning her, way worse!) Spencer cashes in his fancy cars, clothes and lifestyle and runs away with his sister to a ranch in Montana where they’ll be safe until she turns 18 and has the her baby.

Amelie did such a good job of making Spencer relatable, Bridget too. I could feel their pain and fear as they ran off to a place in the middle of nowhere where they didn’t know a soul. I could feel their anxiety and trepidation and the sense of belonging that they were both looking for. Montana was an amazing portion of the book and probably my favorite, since the bulk of the book takes place there.

Spencer was constantly second guessing himself and the things he believed in after spending time with the family that took him and his sister in. And then there was Cricket. I absolutely adore Cricket. Her character was so different and refreshing and Spencer certainly thought so too. I really enjoyed reading about her and getting to know why she was the way she was.

There’s so much I want to talk about in regards to plot, but also so much I don’t want to ruin for the reader because sitting there, being in the moment as this story comes to life and takes shape all around you is an experience to behold. I can honestly say there were at least three parts in this story that tugged at my heartstrings so much I sat there and cried for a  solid five minutes. I actually had to stop reading because my tears were so big and ugly, I could no longer see the kindle.

There is so much emotion throughout Greed that I feel like I took the journey with Spencer. I went through the same trials and tribulations and came out the other end learning something and that’s one thing I love about Amelie’s Seven Deadly series. Every time you finish a book you feel like anything is possible. You reevaluate the way you see certain things and think, I can do better. I can be a better person and really it the stories within these pages make you want to be better.

I love this series and Greed will absolutely be making my top ten books of all-time list because I cannot imagine a better story told then Spencer’s. It’s a book that I would not only recommend, but that I’ll re-read in the future.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Fisher Amelie is the author of The Leaving Series, Callum & Harper and Thomas & January. She began her writing career as a copywriter for an internet marketing company wherein one of their client's said, 'Hey! You're funny. You should write books'. Which in turn she said, 'Hey, get out of here! This is the lady's restroom.' While washing her hands and the embarrassment from her face, she thought they may have had a valid point. So, she took the thousands of hours of writing stories growing up, tucked them into her pocket and began writing and writing and writing.


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