December 25, 2013

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Hollywood Hit by Maggie Marr
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Women's Fiction, Romance
Release Date: December 17, 2013
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Book Description:

Being the niece of the biggest star in the world isn't easy--especially when someone is trying to kill you.

Nikki Solange is a small town Tennessee girl. When she hits Hollywood and tries to become a movie Producer, she's in for the culture shock of her life--and finding a D-list actor turned up-and-coming director floating face down in his Beverly Hills swimming pool is the least of it. Now Nikki must walk the gauntlet that is Hollywood and try to stay alive because someone from Nikki's hard-scrabble past is out to make sure that she ends up dead.

Pretending to be a Hollywood playboy film producer is easy when one of the world's richest men is backing you.

Ex Marine sniper Rush Nelson is back from his final tour in Afghanistan and is now a security specialist for one of the world's richest men, media mogul Ted Robinoff. Backed by his boss, Rush has a solid cover-story that includes some serious Armani threads, a pulse-pounding car, and a limitless expense account. All to protect Robinoff, his business interests, and Robinoff's family, which includes Ted's superstar wife Celeste 'Cici' Solange and her pain-in-the-ass niece Nikki. Rush must achieve his directive without ruining his cover. Easy--except for one problem--Nikki Solange. Rush is falling for her.

When your mission is security, falling for the person you’re meant to protect is the number one rule not to break.

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Rush was screwed. Every which way. He looked over his shoulder, away from the full moon that cast a full glow across the Ojai Valley and toward the girl who slept in the bed. Her face was relaxed in the moonlight, a pale alabaster with her pretty rosebud lips still bee-stung from his rough kisses and her wild hair a fiery halo that framed her face.

Nikki got to him. Her combination of naïveté, innocence, bravado, and pain-in-the-ass nature got to him, pulled him tight, closer than he should have been or ever expected to be. This was not what Ted Robinoff had in mind when he’d told Rush to get close.

A sick feeling clenched through Rush’s gut. No, Ted hadn’t intended that Rush should bed Ted’s niece. A deep inhale of breath pulsed through Rush. What was this? What had he managed to do—his weakness to this silly, sad sort of girl would cost him his job, might cost him his cover, might cost him his entire career.

He closed his eyes. You couldn’t build a relationship upon a lie. And Nikki knew nothing about him other than his lies. He was meant to protect her; this was a finite gig. A gig that was meant to end and he was meant to slip seamlessly into her past as she found a future with her type of guy. A guy who really wanted to be in entertainment or a doctor or lawyer or perhaps an executive that rolled with Ted.

Not with a man who lied for a living. Not with a man who used his body, his mind, his smarts, and the money of the man he worked for to ferret out the deepest secrets people never wanted exposed. Finding secrets, exposing lies, was Rush’s specialty, and that was not the type of man Nikki Solange should ever be in a relationship with—Rush didn’t want her to be.

He turned back toward the cathedral window beside the bed. Shadows bounced around the edges of trees. They would return to Los Angeles tomorrow. He would tell Ted what had happened. There was no other way but to shed this guilt and take the hit. Ted would decide how to proceed because Rush was too damn close to even see.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Maggie Marr grew up in the Midwest and made the move to Los Angeles to work in the movie business. She was a motion picture literary agent for ICM before becoming a full time writer. She’s written for film and TV and ghostwritten for celebrities. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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  1. Sounds like a good read and I added to my TBR. Thanks for the chance on this giveaway.

  2. I would love to read this book :-)
    Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  3. This book looks amazing! I can't wait to pick up a copy :) Thanks for the chance to win!


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