December 16, 2013

Promotional Event: True Love West (A Mail Order Romance #5)

True Love West (A Mail Order Romance #5) by Claire Charlins
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2013
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Book Description:

Sarah Crepley is used to a simple life at home with her emotionally distant parents and her sister, Rose. When Rose faces a tragic situation, it becomes blatantly obvious that Sarah has a much different relationship with her parents than Rose does. 

Tired of feeling invisible to those around her, Sarah heeds the advice of her sister and looks down a different path for her life... becoming a mail order bride.

Charlie Huntereen never intended to become a man who lies, but after receiving no written responses from the truth, he decides to leave out the fact that he does indeed have a daughter. He has faith that the right woman will understand why he did what he had to do. When he receives Sarah's letter and discovers that she understands his loneliness, he can't fathom writing back to her with the truth...

Will Sarah stay in Kansas to fulfill her commitment to a man who lied to her? Or will she board a train and face a life of loneliness? True Love West is a novel that yanks at the heartstrings, and makes you question whether you could trust your heart once it has already been broken.

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Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Much like many of the small towns in Massachusetts, the town of Johnsten had many of its people either to the grave or to the mills. A handful of people traveled west seeing opportunity for financial gain and enough land to keep a man busy until the day he died.

Those who remained in Johnsten were hard working people that spent all their time working and wondering what the next step in their lives would be. Near the southern part of the town was the where Sarah Crepley and her family lived in a modest sized house that have them warmth to survive he harsh North East winters. Sarah lived in the house with her sister, Rose, and her parents, Albert and Ester. Of course, the house wasn't hers. but Sarah had only lived in one house her entire life and it was that house.

There was a time when both Sarah and Rose were to move away from home and find their own paths in life, but thanks to a few chance circumstances those plans were halted and time  had settled into the house and kept everyone together. The hour of work were very long which mad the help of Sarah and Rose more prevalent than ever before

Rose was two years older than Sarah and a handsome young man named Jake, who could swing an axe faster and stronger than anyone in town, had been courting her. They shared plenty of time together and  her parents had high hopes of Rose marrying Jake. They wanted Rose to be in the comfort and care of someone who could use his hands, his mind, and still offer his heart.

He was tall and strong, and while Sarah never admitted to anyone, she had developed a deep crush on Jake. Sadly, he was sent off to war and never returned...

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Author Bio:

Claire Charlins is the pen name for Karolyn James -

Karolyn James is the author of several bestselling series. With over 100,000 ebooks sold, Karolyn has seen success in both romance and in erotic romance. Her current series include the smash hit Brothers of Rock romance series.

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