January 14, 2014

TV Review: Sleepy Hollow

Channel: FOX Network
Day and Time: Mondays at 9/8 EST
Release Date: September 16, 2013

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A resurrected Ichabod Crane is pulled two and a half centuries into the present and teams with a modern-day detective to stop an increasingly vicious cycle of evil. In this modern-day twist on Washington Irving's classic, ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”) is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Revived alongside Ichabod is the infamous Headless Horseman who is on a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod quickly realizes that stopping Headless is just the beginning, as the resurrected rider is but the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and only one of the many formidable foes that Ichabod must face to protect not only Sleepy Hollow, but the world.

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Sleepy Hollow is back!!! 

Once again this show just pulls me in. Not that I wasn't already hooked from the beginning. We only have the two hour season finale after this my SHF's. (Sleepy Hollow Fans, Followers, Fanatics) So if you haven't watched get to it. If you aren't a fan? What is wrong with you? Just kidding, but seriously what is wrong with you? Enough about me onto the amazing review. See You On The Flip Side, HEE.

"Vessel" 01/13/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

The show begins with Abbie at the cabin waiting for Crane to appear. She is talking, "Listen to me. I know it feels like none of this makes sense and you want to hold onto whatever's left of the life you knew. We both do, but we can't. You told me that. So I need you to take the first step. I'll be right here with you. You won't be alone."

A door opens and Crane steps into the room wearing loafers, skinny jeans and a canvas work shirt. He is definitely not comfortable and tells Abbie this. "Don't understand your obsession with my finery. Demons threaten our very existence with the promise of apocalypse," He goes to sit down in his skinny jeans then stands right back up again. "God's wounds," Abbie is clearly enjoying this too much smiling. Back to Crane, "One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans."
Abbie reminds him of their deal. If they survived the new year she could take a whack at updating his wardrobe. Still teasing him a bit she tells him to think of it as camouflage and now Moloch won't recognize him. Crane realizes what she's doing and tells her the camouflage idea is the most sensible thing she's said on the matter.

Crane looks at a paper on the table and reads, "The Saint's Name," on one of them. He doesn't know what it means and it frustrates him. Abbie understands he wants to figure out his encounter with Moloch, but they've been at this for days. He tells her it was the way Moloch spoke to him that instilled a fear in him that he never knew before. She counters that she isn't going to let it get to them and hands over another set of clothes for him to try on.

Again Abbie speaks while Crane changes and proceeds to tell him that maybe Moloch is sending him on a fool's errand because they did damage to his plan. Crane returns wearing his trusty colonial clothes. As he puts on his coat Abbie relents, but tells him she has two words for him. Dry cleaning and his response, "Pick two words I'd understand." This opening had the touch of the funnies with a bit of serious talk on the side.

Now we are at the station. Captain Frank Irving is having a man take a polygraph test because he threatened his daughter Macy. The man can't remember because he was possessed by a body jumping demon and now he's not. There was a lady the demon took over after the man and she arrives at the station. When she stops an officer asking for Captain Irving the demon does his thing and is occupying the officer's body now. Irving gets a call and as he answers a sinister voice comes through, "How much do you care for your daughter?" He looks at the caller id to see that it's coming from inside the department.

He asks who it is and the demon replies, "Someone with a plan." Irving goes to leave his office then notices blood falling from the ceiling at the same time he asks the caller, "What the hell do you want?" Looking up he see the words "The Bible" written in blood. The caller wants Washington's bible that the witnesses have. If he doesn't have it by nightfall. Macy will be taken. He walks into the squad room and looks at who is on the phone.

One officer turns around and smirks at him. The Captain rushes the guy, but is too late. The demon has moved into another cop. In his office Irving talks to his priest who suggests he move his family somewhere safe. He then goes to see Crane and Abbie explaining the situation. They show him the bible, but tell him they have yet to discover all its secrets. Irving tells them he doesn't want it to fall into the wrong hands, but he has to protect his a daughter.

Upon further investigating Abbie reads from her late, mentor Corbin's records. He came across the same demon before who had possessed a young girl he knew and helped. Corbin made a recording of the incident and they play it only to see the girl possessed is Abbie's own sister Jenny.

Jenny is definitely not happy about them learning of her experience. you can see she is scared and with good reason. As all three continue to watch Corbin's recording the demon tells Corbin that he will die by the Headless Horseman's hand and the He, the demon using Jenny's body, will kill Abbie. Abbie implores Jenny to help them and although she listens she refuses get involved and leaves.

Irving and his family arrive at the safe house. One of the trusted officers with them has the demon in him. Ichabod finds Jenny in her truck and gets her to talk to him. "It started not long after we saw Moloch in the woods. I'd have these spells. I'd lose time. Wake up somewhere and have no idea how I'd gotten there. People would tell me about all the things I'd said and done. Terrible things. Unforgivable things." Crane asks the obvious, "You wanted to kill your sister?"

Jenny continues on with her story. "They assumed I was just another troubled kid and wrote me off. It tormented me. Even after it was gone I'd have these thoughts about Abbie. I didn't know why, but I couldn't trust myself. So I'd break a law or two. Get locked up whenever I heard the voices." Crane deduces that Jenny deliberately got arrested to avoid harming her sister and that she never told Abbie any of what she is telling him now. Jenny explains some more to Crane, "You have no idea what it's like. This demon jumped from one person to another to get to me. To use me to do it's bidding. Even when it wasn't inside of me I had this sick feeling it was coming back and now it has." Crane asks her again for her help.

Back at the safe house Morales possessed by the demon kills the other officer leaving him alone with The Irvings.

Jenny does come around. All three look for clues in Corbin's files and the dvd. Crane is trying to decipher the language the demon speaks, but not until they play the audio backwards he determines it's Ancient Aramaic. They also get the name of the demon Ancitif and a way to incapacitate it. A blessed lantern that both Crane and Jenny are familiar with.

Returning to the safe house The Irving's are having a family moment then all hell breaks loose. Time's up and the demon takes over Macy.

Abbie, Crane and Jenny are on their way to get the lantern at a secured compound of a group of End of Days patriots. Meanwhile back at the safe house Ancitif kills the priest and tells Irving he wants the bible or else he'll kill his wife, Macy's mom Cynthia. Irving calls Abbie to let her know he has no other options, but to give the bible to Ancitif and tells them to stay away.

The three keep going to get the lantern and are successful until they are caught. Crane tries to convince Chase, the leader, that they are indeed on the same side. He isn't buying it and only gives in when Jenny shows up with some big guns in tow.

Irving takes Ancitif to Crane and Abbie's headquarters where Washington's bible is suppose to be, but it isn't there. The gang arrives to save Macy and send Ancitif back to hell through the blessed lantern, but not before he informs them, "Our plan is in motion. The witnesses can't stop it. Darkness will reign."

The Irvings are reunited. The sisters bond is stronger. Lastly, Crane identifies the invisible ink used in Washington's bible and makes a concoction to brush over the pages to let them see the words that can't be seen. It's a date December 18, 1799. Crane recognizes the penmanship as Washington's, but according to history Washington died December 14, 1799.

So now Crane and Abbie have another mystery to figure out. How did Washington write in the bible after his death?


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't seen this yet. I never watch TV because if I'm not writing, I'm reading or attempting to make my 1 yo do something (or not do something).

    1. You're so welcome. I'm just helping out. It's my first time posting a review for any show. SH has a pace that doesn't drag and I love that in a show.
      Babies are precious. As they grow they want to do and know everything. lol


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