January 22, 2014

TV Review: The Originals

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Tuesdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together, always and forever. Now, centuries have passed, and the bonds of family are broken. Time, tragedy and hunger for power have torn the Original Family apart.

Klaus Mikaelson, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, has returned to New Orleans, the city his family helped build, the city from which he and his siblings – Elijah and Rebekah – were exiled a century ago by their relentless hunter father. Drawn back by a mysterious tip that a plot is brewing against him in the supernatural melting pot that is the French Quarter, Klaus is surprised that the city still feels like home to him despite the decades he’s been away.

Curious as to why Klaus would return to the one place he swore he would never set foot again, Elijah follows his brother and learns that the beautiful and rebellious werewolf Hayley – Klaus’ onetime flame – has also come to the French Quarter searching for clues to her family history. Hayley has fallen into the hands of a powerful witch named Sophie Deveraux. When Sophie reveals to the brothers the almost unbelievable news that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ unborn child, Elijah realizes that the Original family has been given a second chance at humanity and the redemption they desperately crave.

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Kill a demon today, face the Devil tomorrow...

I don't read the spoilers or rumors so I was surprised as all heck. Missed opportunities? I think so, but we shall see? The thrills are still coming in the droves and all the manipulations and betrayals you could want are served on a silver platter. See you on the flip side, Hellzz.

"Apres Moi, Le Deluge" 01/21/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

Elijah's turn to narrate this episode.

We see pictures of different cultures: Italian, West Africa, America. Each had their own name for WITCH.

Over the centuries Vampires have fought them and beside them. Bedded and burned them. Whether adversary or ally they have been a force to be reckoned with.

Elijah, Hayley and Klaus all in the same room. Elijah is talking about the witches of NOLA and how their ancestral magic anchors them. There has never been one all powerful witch until Davina.

Klaus seems content knowing Davina is back in the fold and had no problem calling Elijah's Celeste evil to his face. Got to love Klaus.

Elijah still isn't convinced that Davina's sketches mean actual evil. he's thinking she mistook evil to be power?

Isn't he suppose to be the knowledgeable older brother?

He continues to question why the sketches now after Celeste has been gone for 200 hundred years? Klaus answers, "Why does any witch do anything?"

Marcel brings Davina something to eat, but she yells at him to go away sending him flying into the wall. He doesn't get discouraged, but Davina doesn't understand why he doesn't hate Klaus for what he did to her or want to make him pay. He tells her he does, but first wants to make peace with her. She asks him why? So they can be one big happy Frankenstein family and proceeds to make a vase fly off the dresser aimed at him, but crashes into the wall.

Downstairs Klaus is ever the smart mouth and says, "That's going well." Referring to Marcel and Davina's reunion upstairs. Elijah comes back with, "If you were trying to win the girl's trust perhaps poisoning her one true love was not the most splendid idea." Klaus in his nonchalant manner asks him if there are any other in-opportune deaths he wants to wave in his face. Elijah tells him he needs a month and he'll get a list. Klaus just laughs. There's more furniture heard breaking and he annoyingly goes on to say no matter age, dead or alive witches are a pain in the ass. He leaves the room. Kind of curious why Hayley is just watching Klaus?

Back in Davina's room she's still throwing things at Marcel then all of a sudden she starts heaving and coughing up dirt. Klaus barges in and sees what's happening and all he can say is, "Bloody hell."

Hayley attempts to tell Elijah what she did, but she gets saved by an earthquake. Everyone rushes to the courtyard as Rebekah arrives and asks, "What the hell is going on?" All Klaus answered was, Davina.

Rebekah goes to see Davina to find out what she's up to. Davina tells her she didn't do it on purpose. That something is wrong. Rebekah grows concerned.

Klaus, Marcel and Elijah are discussing Davina. Marcel explains that he never had to control Davina while she was at the church. Nothing this big ever happened. Elijah reminds them that they already know she has too much power to control, but he's curious to know why it's manifesting at such an aggressive rate now. He makes to leave and Klaus inquires about it.

"This is witch business. Let's ask a witch." Hayley is waiting for Elijah. She knows he's going to go see Sophie so there's something that he should know. She starts rambling. Elijah stops her and tells her she has to tell him now. So she does. He now knows that she went through his journals to find Celeste's location to give to Sophie and what the witch plans to do with Celeste's remains. Elijah seems at a loss for a moment and doesn't say anything. Hayley wants him to say something to her. So he explains Celeste's wishes. His promise to Celeste that her remains would not be found. He tells her she violated his privacy and broke his promise to Celeste.

This chick seriously thought Celeste was just bones to Elijah?

At the cemetery Sabine and Sophie commiserate. Sophie explains her plan to consecrate Celeste's remains to become an elder. All she wants is her niece Monique back and she doesn't care what she has to do. Elijah shows up and bids Sophie to come with him. They go back to the compound and she is questioned about her knowledge of Davina's sketches of Celeste. She had no idea who Celeste even was until she did her research. There's another earthquake and Sophie is freaked out.

She asks if it was Davina when Klaus and Rebekah confirm she tells all three original that they have a huge problem. She tells them that they need to complete the harvest now. None of them take her seriously and Klaus calls her desperate. Sophie isn't bothered. She tells them that the earthquakes are just a preview to the disaster movie that is coming. Elijah asks why they should believe her? She reiterates what they already know about Davina. Too much power to control.

Klaus meets with Father Kieran and informs him of what is going on with Davina. There'll be stages that represent the four elements. Each one more intense then the last. Earth was the first with the earthquakes. Next is wind, water and last fire. Rebekah is explaining this to Davina and that they want to complete the harvest. Of course Davina is not down with that. I wouldn't be either.

Rebekah tries to reassure Davina that she'll be resurrected, but Davina won't believe in the other witches. She tells Rebekah they're liars. She starts to get agitated. Even more so when Rebekah brings out a syringe with a sedative in it. She tells Davina it'll keep her calm and prolong her deterioration. She does calm down after administered.

Marcel is not agreeable to what is going on and that the decision to kill Davina has been made. He hears Klaus and Elijah talking about in the courtyard and jumps down from the top floor and punches Klaus. Nothing he says will convince any of them to let Davina live. Klaus makes himself clear where he stands. He will not see NOLA burn for the third time. Marcel understands and leaves.

Elijah takes a jab at Klaus' people skills. Klaus says he loves people. He's actually going to warn a couple of prominent ones and invites Elijah to come along. He declines because he is going to pay his respects to Celeste now that Sophie is going to consecrate her remains. Hayley tries to get a word in with Elijah, but he walks by saying he's on his way out. Klaus asks Elijah which one fo them is the people person now?

Rebekah goes to Rousseu's to spark up a deal with Sophie. She feels even after Davina is resurrected and the witches get their power back it wouldn't hurt to have them on her side. Especially when Marcel and Klaus wll still be here and they don't play fair. Marcel is with Davina and he is conflicted at first. He remembers their time together and how he saved from the harvest. He just remembers that night and he decides to take Davina away.

Sophie is preparing for the consecration. Elijah stands by and thinks of Celeste's smiling face. Sabine comes over to him and tells him he doesn't have to stay. It's going to be awhile before Sophie is ready.

I'm really liking these two. The way Elijah just stares at Sabine it's just different from when he's with anyone else. JMO of course.

Rebekah interrupts with a phone call informing him that Marcel took off with Davina. Klaus is being smart again this time with Bekah. Mentioning how she wanted to run off with Marcel. Little sister will not be chastised when he was shacking up with Marcel when what happened went down. All three decide to search where they can for them.

Hayley crying as she gathers cans to take to the church. Klaus happens by and tells her she better not be planning to go to the bayou. If so he's going to find a dungeon and put her in it. He picks up the stacks and tells he to follow him.

Sophie is completing the consecration.

Sabine is doing the locator spell for Elijah, but is having a hard time. He thinks she can't see Davina, but it's the other way around. She can feel Davina everywhere. Sabine has no idea what she's doing. Elijah lays a comforting hand on her shoulder then trails down to her arm. Try again he says, concentrate and she does what he asks.

Down on the docks in a warehouse Davina wakes and attacks Marcel. He explains that he had to take her away. She believes him and tells him she's scared. He holds her, reassuring her that he isn't going to let anyone hurt her.

Klaus and Hayley arrive at the church with the can goods. Father Kieran greets them and tells Klaus they haven't gone through the other supplies he brought. Klaus says this isn't from him and the good Father thanks Hayley. Klaus asks him if he knows where Marcel and Davina are and to use his resources to find out anything.

Klaus advises Hayley on Elijah. To not do what he does and to apologize.

Sabine got a location near the river. That was the best she could do. Elijah says that's a start. Sophie comes in and says the consecration didn't work that someone already took Celeste's power. Elijah says there has to be another way. Sabine says there isn't. Sophie says unless you know of another powerful witch that hasn't been consecrated then there is no way. Elijah knows of another witch, his mother.

Elijah explains the details to his siblings and how they can succeed in doing this. He has all the legal mumbo jumbo in order. Hayley is now the owner of the plantation. With the baby being Esther Mikaelson only living descendant she can now be buried on those grounds and be considered a NOLA witch. Now the harvest can proceed forward.

Rebekah is talking to Thierry. He is upset because he doesn't trust Rebekah to hold up her end of the bargain knowing what is going to happen to Davina. She tells him survival first taking down her brothers second and ask him if he knows where Marcel and Davina could be hiding? He doesn't want to give up the information because he thinks she's just going to forget about him. Rebekah tells him she is not going to forget him. She is going to live up to her end of the deal when this is all done and get him out of his prison. He tells her there's a place by the docks.

Davina tells Marcel about her dream of Tim and how they were happy. He wrote a song for her and it was like they were normal. Rebekah arrives and says it was just that a dream. Marcel tells her to get out, but she doesn't go anywhere. She tells him he is the only family Davina has and to fight for her to live.

Father Kieran consecrates Esther Mikaelson's body. All three originals and Hayley use the same knife to shed blood. Sabine and Sophie wait for the others to arrive as well as Davina.

Marcel holds Davina's shivering body. She smiles up at him and says it's ok. She's going to die either way and she might as well not take everyone with her. Marcel can't believe it's going to end this way. She tells him if it does then she's had more then most. She had Monique, Tim and someone who fought for her the moment the met her. She's ready, but Marcel isn't sure. He kisses her brotherly and holds her close once again.

Marcel and Davina arrive in a blaze of glory. He carried her to the altar and she stands on her own before Sophie. Everyone is waiting as the rain pours down around them.

Sophie and Davina face each other. "Do you believe in the harvest?"

"I believe." Davina answers. Sophie slits her throat in one swipe. Hayley gasps. Rebekah closes her eyes as she cries for Davina. marcel catches Davina's falling body. Elijah looks over to Klaus, but he is looking down at Davina and Marcel. Marcel continues to hold Davina with a bowed head. A light flows out of Davina and disappears.

Everyone is waiting. Sophie ask the elders to resurrect the chosen ones and nothing happens. She repeats the requests two, three, four times nothing. She even says please and begs, but the dead girls stay dead. Sophie starts to cry for her niece.

Rebekah looks over to Marcel. He lifts his head and stares at Klaus then in the blink of an eye he is gone. It's like they are all shell shocked, but Klaus moves to leave too.

Marcel returns to the compound and starts taking his anger out on the already tossed up chairs and tables.

"That won't bring her back you know." Klaus says as he sees Marcel.

"This is all your fault. I should've never let you anywhere near her."


"This city was fine before you came. We were fine. Davina was safe. She was in control. If you hadn't gotten her worked up. If you hadn't killed that boy."

"My condolences the girl is gone, but don't lose perspective. We still have our community. The vampires of this town."

"I don't care about the vampires. She is dead! Do you hear me?" Klaus speeds over to Marcel and takes a hold of him. Marcel is take back for a second. Klaus pulls him close and holds him to comfort him.

"I'm sorry." Marcel doesn't hold back his emotions as he takes solace in his father's arms.

"You may think I know nothing of your grief, but you are wrong." Klaus lets Marcel pull away s they can face each other.

"In the days after I fled this city. I thought you were dead. It was years before I could speak your name. So keenly did I feel that loss. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Marcel can do nothing, but feel his pain over Davina and hold onto Klaus as he does so.

Ok so Klaus has shown a lot of his humanity in this ep. Does he mean to? He didn't look too sure here with Marcel, but I'm glad to see him comfort the boy he saved s long ago.

Hayley and Elijah are walking down the street and she asks him if he's ready to forgive her? She really has no concept of who Elijah is.

Hayley can't understand why they can't get passed this? Why he chooses the dead over the living? Why he is honor bound to a promise made 200 years ago? Why he hold himself back from her?

Didn't he try to take her to the casket girl's festivities and she said no. Making some excuse about him and Klaus being on shaky ground as is.

She tells him if she feels something she acts. If she wants something she takes it. She doesn't choose the dead over the living. Selfish much mother to be.

There's an almost kiss, but Elijah pulls away and she walks away from him.

Klaus and Rebekah are alone.

"This whole thing was doomed from the start you know?" Klaus is pouring them both a bourbon.

"Yes we saved the city. I'm not complaining about the witches losing their power, but this did not go down the way I thought it would." He offers his glass in cheers and Rebekah does the same. He's quiet for a moment and looks at her.

"You surprised though. You were quite resourceful today. How did you find them down at the docks?"

"You're not the only one with clever little spies in The Quarter Nik." She isn't amused by his wonderings. He smirks at her answer.

"Sometimes I don't think I give you your due little sister." Rebekah slightly smiles, but isn't fishing for compliments. She plays her reaction cool and a bit unnerving just as Klaus would expect I think.

"I knew Elijah's plan was mad, but I really thought it would work." She isn't looking at Nik as she says this. She's probably thinking of Davina.

"So did I. I was sure Davina would survive. There was so much life in her." Rebekah sits forward.

"What about the power? Four were suppose to rise and none did. Where did all that power go?" Rebekah definitely keeps on her toes. With everything going on not Klaus, Elijah or even Marcel had the state of mind to contemplate the steps ahead of the game!!! The four have risen and are walking the streets of NOLA. One man and two women. They are met by "Sabine". Correction they are met by Celeste.

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