January 30, 2014

TV Review: The Originals

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Tuesdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together, always and forever. Now, centuries have passed, and the bonds of family are broken. Time, tragedy and hunger for power have torn the Original Family apart.

Klaus Mikaelson, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, has returned to New Orleans, the city his family helped build, the city from which he and his siblings – Elijah and Rebekah – were exiled a century ago by their relentless hunter father. Drawn back by a mysterious tip that a plot is brewing against him in the supernatural melting pot that is the French Quarter, Klaus is surprised that the city still feels like home to him despite the decades he’s been away.

Curious as to why Klaus would return to the one place he swore he would never set foot again, Elijah follows his brother and learns that the beautiful and rebellious werewolf Hayley – Klaus’ onetime flame – has also come to the French Quarter searching for clues to her family history. Hayley has fallen into the hands of a powerful witch named Sophie Deveraux. When Sophie reveals to the brothers the almost unbelievable news that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ unborn child, Elijah realizes that the Original family has been given a second chance at humanity and the redemption they desperately crave.

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Mark of a bad MoJo.....

This show keeps pleasantly surprising me. I mean every one's like a bad guy and they're all out to get each other. Sure you root for those who are becoming your faves, but you just never know who's going to die. I feel so bad for Rebekah. I was keeping my fingers crossed for her plan to at least get off the ground, but I guess it was just filler.

Her, Marcel and their past seem to be the real story. See you on the flip side, Hellzz.

"Dance Back from The Grave" 01/28/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

Celeste leads the other witches through the cemetery. The redhead witch says it hasn't changed a bit. Celeste tells them she has been coming here for over a century wearing one face or another. She stops in front of one headstone with multiple names on it sharing the last name Chopin. She goes down on one knee and lights an incense, flashing back to 1920's NOLA. She's in the body of Clara Summerland. The redhead witch and her attend a welcoming ceremony for Papa Tunde.

There's men beating on drums and a woman dancing all around the fire. Then Papa Tunde arrives with an albino snake around his shoulders. He hands the reptile over to his twin sons and thanks the witches of The french Quarter for their welcome. He says he also practices ancestral magic like them to gain the strength of their ancestors. He goes on to say that a great darkness is coming and they will need that strength. That the city their forefathers had left them is over run by pirates, beasts and vampires.

He retrieves the albino snake and tosses it into the fire and the flame burns higher and brighter. He practices another type of magic, sacrificial magic. The power of sacrifice helps him to vanquish his enemies and that he will now punish their enemies for the agreed price. They must accept his family into their coven and him as their leader.
The flashback continues to Elijah having a meeting with some business associates. Klaus joins them and they get a little agitated. Elijah reassures them despite his brother's reputation he has invited them to broker peace he gives his word on that.

Klaus is one cocky bastard. He reminds them they are lucky for Elijah always keeps his word. He points out the two gentlemen from The Guerrero crime family, a brutish pack of thieves and killers that they are also werewolves.

He's just smirking all the while as he speaks down to them. Elijah calms Klaus down and he explains the business at hand. Papa Tunde is clapping making his presence known and asks how will their plan benefit the witches? Elijah tells him the meeting is private and he agrees. A meeting for kings of the city and he is a king with rules.

Klaus says he's impressed. Tells him he is either quite ambitious or quite mad and asks who he is? Alfonse Bellatunde Del Gado, Papa Tunde to my followers. He has come to ask that the witches be granted fair tribute for allowing their existence in their city. Elijah asks if he speaks for the French Quarter witches? Papa Tunde smiles and answers he does now. He expects future negotiations to go smoothly and as a guarantee he offers them a gift.

OK so it's a basket. We all know what that means.

One of the twins places the basket on the table. Papa Tunde leaves with a grin on his face. Klaus looks into the basket and as expected there's a severed head. Klaus says they're going to need a new mayor. End of flashback and back to the present. Marcel is coming downstairs and Diego inquires why Klaus has called them all there, but hasn't shown up yet. Marcel is not in the mood, still reeling from Davina's death and tells him it's a new regime get use to it.

He finds a table and a glass to start drinking. Klaus arrives with Thierry by his side. He has decided to issue him a pardon for killing one of their own and hopes everyone welcomes him home. Marcel looks on dis-interested. Klaus goes over to him. Marcel notices he's in a good mood and Klaus is just grinning like the cat who at the canary. Marcel says he should visit Mystic Falls more often and goes back to drinking. Klaus tells him as much as he would like to he has pressing responsibilities here.

Klaus gets everyone's attention and tells them now that they don't have Davina they have no way of knowing what the witches are up to, but since The Harvest didn't work that they will lose their magic anyway. He wants Diego to lead a rousting in the cauldron. The vampires are excited, but Marcel gets up to leave with bottle in hand. Klaus intervenes and wants him to join the others. Marcel says no that he's going to take a personal day.

Rebekah and Elijah are walking down the street. Elijah is telling her about Klaus freeing Thierry. He thinks with Klaus showing mercy to an enemy that it's progress. Rebekah shoots his theory down when she tells him she was the one to convince Klaus to release Thierry. Elijah why would she do that? She likes that Thierry hates Klaus regardless of being set free and that he use to date a witch so he knows about French Quarter covens. She wants to know who stole the harvest power and is hoping Thierry can lead her to that answer.

Elijah tries to reason that they are all devastated with the outcome of the ritual, but he tells him that's the thing. There was no outcome. They both know that power like that just doesn't vanish. She wants to find out who has it and make an ally out of them. Elijah wants to know why she is doing this. Its the same song and dance. She's tired of tyrant Klaus. To stop a bully you have to have the power. Elijah is disappointed in her. He wants her to see what he sees where Klaus is concerned.

That their brother is making effort to keep the family reunited. She agrees he's in a good mood, but for how long? This is Klaus' trick. She falls for it every time and ends up with a dagger in her chest. Still Elijah continues to defend Klaus, but Rebekah is done listening. He asks her if she cannot support Klaus then do nothing to provoke him. She just stares at Elijah with a, "that's not going to happen," look and walks away.

Klaus finds Marcel lounging alone with a drink. He wants to know if this is what it's come to? He bare the full weight of the kingdom while Marcel pouts like a child. Marcel is not offended at all and tells him he wanted to be king and looks like he's got it covered. Klaus tells him if he shirks his duty the other will likely do the same. Marcel tells him he's not interested in vampire hyjinx and Klaus knows this. He'd rather sit and wallow in sorrow for his lost little friend. Marcel stands up pissed and tells him not to push him right now. Klaus tells him he is sorry that Davina is gone, but his attitude is unworthy and boring to him. They're at a standoff when Diego interrupts and says they have a problem.

They're in the cauldron and Diego shows them two vampires in a ritual circle. They are dead, but not by being staked. Marcel walks off and Klaus asks where he is going and that someone has to account for this. Everyone is looking at Marcel's turned back. He turns around and tells Klaus if he wants revenge to get it himself. He faces the others and points to the mark on the dead vamps. It means bad mojo. If they were smart they'd head back to the compound and stay the hell out of this. Klaus is again not happy, but tells those around him that they are going to find who did this and he will show them what suffering is.

Thierry is showing Rebekah what he found in one of the warehouses. It's another ritual circle and she doesn't have long to wonder why someone would leave it for them to find when Papa Tunde shows up. Rebekah can't believe it's possible and he tells sure it can be, it's magic. She flashes over to him, but he captures her by the throat and starts to chant. Thierry stands there, but does nothing and flashes away.

Back at the compound Elijah looks over the symbol on the dead vamps. Klaus wants revenge. Elijah had hoped to never see that mark again. Klaus remember Papa Tunde, but isn't deterred in finding who is copying his dark magic. He wants Diego to gather all the vampires in The Quarter and get him the head of whoever did this and put it on a stick.

Diego tells him there's going to be a problem. That everyone is freaked out. That they haven't had witches killing vampires in a long time that Marcel made sure of that. Klaus tells him that Marcel has run off like a scared child and they are left with him. He wants to know who will fight to defend their home and none stand with him. He tells them they should know better then says he will take care of this himself and stalks off.

Camille is at Rousseau's leaving Sophie a message. Marcel comes in and she turns to him with a bottle in hand ready to strike.

Like that's going to do any good, but we'll go with it. She tells him she's on vervain and he's happy that she broke Klaus' compulsion. He's asking for Sophie, but she's not there. So he makes himself comfortable on a bar stool and pours himself a drink. She tells him it's early to be day drinking.

Well its' happy hour somewhere. He must have Klaus troubles. She goes on to say that he should be on top of the world with Davina back. He looks at her and tells her Davina is gone. Camille asks if it was Klaus because she threatened him. He explains about the power was too much for her and the harvest and something went wrong. He guesses she's floating in limbo or waiting on her ancestors. They're both sorry. Elijah finds Hayley in Davina's room looking through the sketches.

OK is it just me? Seeing Hayley just sitting on the bed like Davina was never there going through her things seems a little disrespectful.

They talk about Davina's drawings and how they never figured out why she made the ones of Celeste. Hayley starts to feel sorry for herself now that she is on vampire lock down. She's feeling neglected and Elijah apologizes and explains that his siblings are in some quarrel and Nicklaus remains agitated with their interaction. Hayley calls Klaus a dick and knows that Elijah wants to be a good big brother so they can't hang out. She gets it, but says it's a crappy deal.

Selfish much little wolf.

Marcel is drawing the familiar symbol when he gets call from Klaus. he doesn't answer it and Camille jokes it's El Presidente. It is and Marcel says he just likes to keep track of his people. She inquires why he is loyal to Klaus. Marcel fires back, for someone who cannot stand the guy she sure asks a lot of questions about him. She answers, her interest is purely academic. He knows she's mad at him for using her and wants to get back at him and is hoping he'll reveal some chink is Klaus' armor.

He gives her some friendly advice. It won't end well. He tells her a story about someone who went up against Klaus. Let the flashback begin. Marcel has just returned after WWI. There's a huge party thrown in his honor. As much as he tried to get away from NOLA he was always drawn back there. The first one he sees is Rebekah. He asks her if she's going to welcome him home and she tells him she wouldn't want him to think she's happy to see him. He wants to know how long she's going to hate him. For 52 years he left her in a box so twice that seems like a good start.

Klaus is next to greet him with welcoming arms. Elijah joins them at the bar as the two do shots. Klaus is quick to let Marcel know he has traded a war abroad for one here in the quarter. Although Elijah wants them to use discretion and peaceful negotiations to settle the matter. Marcel asks who's the witch they want to kill and Papa Tunde happens to arrive at the same time. End flashback.

Marcel telling the story says he didn't get it at first. Klaus was wanting to go to war. By inviting his enemy into our home it was all part of Klaus' plan. He was sussing the guy out. Learning his weaknesses, his strengths. Getting him to let his guard down. That's how Klaus works before going in for the kill. Camille calls Klaus a two-faced sociopath. That there's nothing enviable about what Klaus does, he's a monster. Marcel says they are all monsters defending Klaus a bit. She reminds him that Davina was powerful and she wasn't a monster.

Rebekah is desiccated and Papa Tunde has her inside the circle. He slices open a white snake and hovers it over her legs as the blood drips over her. He then presses his thumb to the carved symbol in her forehead and takes her power. Celeste show up and he tells her it is done. She asks will it be enough to make Klaus suffer? Papa Tunde says when he is done he will wish that he could die.

At Rousseau's Marcel asks Camille if she's going to open the place. She jokes and says not at the risk of him eating the clientele. He thought she was starting to like him again. Klaus is calling and he answers this time. Klaus gets a little testy and wants him to meet him, but Marcel tells him he's running down his own lead waiting for Sophie Devareaux. He's going to drink until she shows up. Klaus says he could just come and help him end this now, but Marcel just hangs up on him. Klaus just stares at a ritual circle on a wall when Sophie comes around the corner with her own bottle in hand. Klaus waste no time in taking her by the throat and threatening her. He wants to know if she can explain the attacks on his men.

Elijah is calling Rebekah and gets no answer. Hayley walks over to him and he tells her he fears she may have something to do with what's going on. He notices Thierry sitting by himself and goes to interrogate him. He has no idea why Rebekah has taken an interest in such an un-remarkable man and wants Thierry to explain. Before he can even get a word out Elijah has him up against the wall and Thierry is telling him about finding something and showing Rebekah and them being jumped by some guy and how he desiccated her. Elijah furious, but calm. He calls Thierry a coward and he pleads what was he suppose to do up against a warlock who took out an original and not to tell Klaus. Elijah looks at Hayley and smiles then throws Thierry across the room. He and Hayley go to find Rebekah.

Camille is pouring a drink and Marcel tells her that calling things off with her wasn't lack of interest. He was hoping to save her from all this. They look into each other's eyes and tells him thanks romeo, but she's in it. She recovers casually and tells him to get to the good part of the story. Klaus and Papa Tunde. He wanted to empower the witches, but he mostly wanted money and territory. Klaus and Elijah weren't about to allow that to happen. Flashback time. So he went on a rampage. No one was safe. Not the humans in the faction. The Guerrero werewolves or even the witches that opposed him. Elijah offered a truce, but Klaus being Klaus had another idea.

Papa Tunde was expecting Elijah at this meeting, but got Klaus instead. Klaus tells him Elijah is the one you get when you negotiate and he's the one you get when negotiations are closed. Papa Tunde isn't scared and tells Klaus he has no idea the power he possesses. Klaus let's him know that he made it a point to find out all about his power. He brings up the twins and how Papa Tunde is always near to them. How he knows he channels their power and wonders what were to happen if that source was taken away? If those sons lives you depend were suddenly struck down?

Marcel approaches from behind Klaus with a huge box and sets it on the table. Papa Tunde stands up and comes closer. He watches as Klaus opens the box to reveal the heads of his dead sons. He is outraged and swears Klaus will die for this, but Klaus tells him he cannot be killed and crashes his thumbs into Papa Tunde's eyes. End flashback. Camille is disgusted, but Marcel says to Klaus it's just business. Camille looks at him and asks him doesn't he think there's something fundamentally wrong with that? Doesn't he worry that he'll end one of Klaus' victims or worse just like him? Before Marcel can answer Papa Tunde shows up. He speaks that he has always remained in the shadow of his father and to climb out beneath it so that he can die like a man.

Marcel tells Cami to run, but Papa Tunde wants an audience. Marcel rushes the warlock, but to no avail and the chant begins. Camille trying to be brave hits Papa Tunde with a bottle, but he isn't phased. She backs away as he comes toward her he flings her like nothing behind the bar. Marcel tried to fight, but he isn't a match for Papa Tunde channeling Rebekah's power. Sophie is explaining to Klaus that this is sacrificial magic. He gets a call surprise call from Camille. She immediately tells him to get to Rousseau's and that some lunatic witch doctor is trying to kill Marcel. Klaus tells her to get as far from there as she can and she hangs up.

Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah, but they that can't enter the circle. Elijah knows that someone is channeling her power and he needs to get her out of there.

Papa Tunde tells Marcel he knows he is one of the only few Klaus cares about and that he knows what he did to his family. The sins of the father will be paid for by the son. He prepares to mark Marcel, but Klaus arrives just in time. He remembers killing Papa Tunde before. Papa Tunde in turn is glad he is there. Now he can kill him and Marcel then consume them both. Klaus struggles to fight him, but Papa Tunde's power is stronger. He throws Klaus away from him.

Elijah is on the phone with Sophie. She is telling him the circle is like a witches recipe. He has to con volute it with another potent ingredient. He asks what about the blood of a witch? Sophie's like do you have the blood of a witch? He hangs up on her. Rude much. He turns to Hayley and asks for a favor. She says the baby is quarter witch and lets him bite her. He puts her wrist over the edge of the circle so the blood drops onto it and the barrier is broken.

Elijah retrieves Rebekah and they leave. Just as Papa Tunde is about to mark Klaus the link is severed and Klaus is able to toss Papa Tunde away from him. The warlock doesn't stick around and runs off. Klaus goes to Marcel. Camille returns asking if Marcel is dead? Klaus tells her to get out of there. She doesn't. He says Marcel needs blood to heal, to go find someone off the street. Camille says she'll do it. Klaus doesn't want her to be the one. She says he doesn't control her anymore and goes to Marcel. She tells him it's going to be alright. She brushes her hair aside and bends down. Marcel's arms come around to hold her as he bites into her neck and feeds. Klaus stands by and watches.

Thierry is walking by himself and looks back to see if anyone is following him. Rebekah comes for him and holds him up against the wall. She is furious with his actions, but he asks why. In the end it's every vampire for himself. She lets go of him and starts to rant. Elijah comes up behind Thierry and breaks his neck. He knew Rebekah was conspiring against the family and is disappointed she picked a fool like Thierry to ally with. She tells him not try and shame her. Nik grows powerful everyday and he does nothing to stop it. Elijah tries to explain again that he is there to counsel Klaus for he means to make the city there home. He is hoping leading the derelicts will give him a degree of happiness. Rebekah say he always talks about Nik's happiness and that Nik has robbed her of any chance of her own. What about me Elijah she asks. Am I not a concern for you?

Rebekah is tearing up here.

Elijah says they all make sacrifices for this family, but that he would never stand against Niklaus or her. Rebekah puts him on the spot and asks about Hayley? Nothing she conspires to do. None of my treachery will harm this family as much as your feeling for her. There is a brief silence, but Rebekah is not done. She calls Elijah a hypocrite. You would choose love over family and then condemn me for doing the same. Rebekah leaves him stalking off into the night.

She goes to some shop and Marcel happens to find himself there too. He tells her the symbol is already up and down the cauldron. She supposes Papa Tunde is marking his territory. Seeing Papa Tunde brought up a lot of memories. Rebekah says, memories that are best left buried. Flashback time. Rebekah walks into the 1920's compound and makes eye contact with the redheaded witch then finds Marcel sitting by himself. She sits down and asks if he's celebrating Klaus victory over the mad Papa Tunde? He tells her he's not celebrating, drowning sorrows.

He sits up and moves in closer then tells her he is the one to bring Tunde to town. Rebekah looks around to see if anyone heard him then turns to him. What?, she asks. He tell her me made some inquiries when he was abroad. He wanted the most dangerous witch he could find. She asks him why he would do that? For you Marcel answers. He figured if someone as bad as Tunde comes in Klaus gets chased off. The very least he's occupied and can't stop me from trying to get you back. Rebekah just stares at him then asks him he would tear down everything her family has built, everything he has helped them build, risk his own life on the off chance she would show him the slightest bit of affection?

Marcel shakes his yes. I would, I did and I would do it again he tells her. Rebekah tells him Klaus has killed a thousand Tundes. All his life there has only been one man he's feared. My father Mikael. Marcel knows of who she speaks. He's the vampire that hunts vampires. She tells him if Mikael came there Klaus would flee and never turn back. All they need is a witch to find him. They look at each other as a plan forms in their minds. Rebekah turns away to look at the redheaded witch.

Hayley is still looking at Davina's sketches when she hears a crowd in the compound and goes to see what is going on. Elijah sees her from below and goes to call out to her, but stops. Klaus is standing above the crowd and gives a speech about how they all tried to take him down and failed. He isn't the one to have to prove anything. It is they who have to prove themselves to him. He tells them their community is under attack. He wants soldiers, he wants warriors. Now each has a decision to make. They either fight alongside him or leave.

Thierry comes forward says they don't owe him anything. If staying in the quarter means living under your rule I'd just as soon get the hell out. He leaves and takes a small following with him. Later Marcel tells Klaus he thought he'd lose a lot more guys then he did. Klaus smirks and say good riddance to those that left. They don't need them. Klaus moves onto the next item of business. With the help of Sophie, who is doing so begrudgingly.

She doesn't want to help Klaus or Marcel. Klaus reminds her she's only alive as long as she's of some use to him. He wants her to explain about Tunde being killed a hundred years ago and is back. Sophie is like, duh? Resurrected witches with vast power. It's the harvest. She doesn't know how, but someone jacked that power and brought back four witches just not the right ones. Marcel becomes enthused.

He's thinking if they can get the power back they can get Davina back as well. Klaus tells him to slow down and get back to the matter at hand. How do they stop Tunde from getting more power. Sophie says he needs sacrifices so stop him from killing anymore night walkers for a start. It's too late. Tunde has already gotten to the vamps in the garden.

Papa Tunde is in the cemetery, kneeling and saying silent words. Celeste comes and asks if it is done. He tells her the blade now contains all the power harvested from the vampires. It will do things worse then death even to an original. She stares at it as she stands before Tunde and asks him if he is ready for the final offering. He reaches to the sky with the blade and swear in the name of the withes of the French Quarter. It is his honor he says and hands over the blade. Celeste clasps his hand. They smile at each other in understanding. Celeste walks behind him and thanks him before slicing his throat with the blade.

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