January 31, 2014

TV Review - The Vampire Diaries

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Thursdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town where supernatural beings live in secret amongst its residents. Season Four begins with the knowledge that everything is in transition. Elena faces her worst nightmare when she awakens after the accident and finds she must now endure the terrifying transition to become a vampire – or face certain death.

Stefan and Damon are torn even further apart over how to help Elena adjust to a life she never wanted, and everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric created when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Mystic Falls Council and local church leaders. season five begins, Damon and Elena have spent a blissful summer in love, unaware that Silas is free and Stefan has been suffering agonizing pain every day for months.

Damon believes Stefan is staying away because it would be too painful for him to see Damon and Elena as a couple, but Elena can’t escape the uneasy feeling that Stefan needs their help. While Elena is reluctant to leave Damon and Jeremy, she is also thrilled to be heading off to a new start at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline as her roommate. Still unaware that Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline are waiting for their friend to join them at college. Jeremy is the only one who can see and talk to Bonnie who is trapped on the Other Side.

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I did a bad thing, but it felt really good doing it!!!

Well Klaroline fans your couple were the cherry on top of the TVD sundae in the 100th episode. People are still talking about them. Caroline's declaration of "what she wants" and Klaus' "promise". Keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't closure and you get them back at some point. So here we go with the new ep of TVD. Katherine proved she is a survivor, but for how long? See you on the flips side - hellzz

"The Devil Inside" 01/30/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

Katherine/Elena approaches Matt from behind as he sits on a bench. She tells him who she really is and compels him to give her the facts about Elena's life. One last thing she asks Matt is how did Elena break up with him. She's going to use that information later.

Any guesses on who?

Nadia and Katherine are at a motel room. Nadia says Mia, a traveller, needs her corpse. Katherine thinks it's creepy, but Nadia tells her if she wants to be in control of Elena's body they have to get it back. Nadia has brought chains to tie Katherine to the bed because they have no idea when Elena will take back her body. Katherine is asking how this is better than being dead?

Are serious you Katherine? Selfish much? Nadia explains to her that once the spell is done Elena will be gone forever and her body will be Katherine's for good.

Damon enters the house humming and puts a shovel to the side of the door. Stefan meets him and asks where he's been? He tells him Katherine's dead body was stinking up the house so he got rid of it. Stefan says that's going to be a problem and nods to Nadia's presence behind him who's there for the body. Damon tells her she's out of luck she ain't getting it. Nadia tries reasoning with Damon, but he's not budging. He's glad to ruin Katherine's last wish to be buried with her family in Bulgaria. Stefan tries to get Damon to let it go and give up Katherine, but still he refuses. Nadia gets angry and tries to choke Damon, but he just switches the upper hand to himself. He says in no uncertain terms to give it up she isn't getting Katherine and releases her with a grin.

Matt is looking for his phone and Tyler is passing out on the couch not listening. Matt turns off the radio and that's when Tyler wakes up. Again Matt asks him if he's seen his phone and that he's late for work. Tyler sits up and calls him Captain Responsible while shuffling around some papers on the table looking for the phone. Matt finds it and Tyler wants him to join him for breakfast by taking a shot at 7:42 in the morning.

Matt says he's good and doesn't, but Tyler cheers with an aye aye Captain and downs the shot. Matt knows he needs to talk and sits down and asks what happened in New Orleans? Tyler says it doesn't matter because it's over. in the past. No more drama. He's starting over and Matt says ok we're celebrating his return with a welcome home party. Tyler shakes his head no, but Matt says yeah. So get this place cleaned up, invite some people and take a shower because you stink.

Caroline is cleaning the dorm room. There's a knock at the door and she yells, "it's open". Aaron enters and asks if she's cleaning the fireplace. Caroline looks back at the fireplace then Aaron again and says, "yeah you know all those carcinogens. I'm stress cleaning. Boy drama, but you wouldn't care about that." He came to see Elena, but since she's not there he'll come back. Caroline says she can take a message. He wants her to tell Elena that Wes is not going to be a problem anymore. His family trust came through he's cut off The Augustine's funding. Also that he's sorry for everything. Caroline agrees and he leaves. He goes back to his dorm room and as he swings the door to close Enzo intercepts. The door slams shut.

He's the innocent in this and he's sorry? Go figure.

Stefan is pouring himself a drink while asking Caroline for a favor over the phone. He brings up about Damon being all noble breaking up with Elena and Caroline is flitting around her room happy and saying there was champagne. Stefan tells her he kind of convinced Damon he was an idiot and Caroline is like, "YOU WHAT?" He goes on to mention that Damon's been in a bit of a mood and something tells him that he's been trying to call Elena, but she's not answering his calls.

Caroline says she would actually help if she thought Damon was good for Elena, but she doesn't. Stefan asks her if she would like to be judged solely for who she was attracted to? She pauses thinking he might know about her bad behaviour with Klaus.

She asks, "Why do you know something?" 

It's Stefan's turn to pause, "Why should I know something?" 

Caroline covers asking if he's sure this is what he really wants? She rambles, but Stefan is good and doesn't call her out on it.

He tells her he thinks Elena is actually good for Damon. She makes him happy and when Damon is happy. "He's not out there killing people," Caroline answers for him. She informs him that even if she wanted to help Elena wasn't at Whitmore. Katherine/Elena told them conflicting stories and now they are wondering where the hell she is? Katherine is sitting on the bed and gets frustrated that Elena's phone hasn't stopped buzzing. She starts to hear voices and is getting uncomfortable.

She closes her eyes and when she re-opens them Elena has returned. She's a little disoriented, understandable. She tries to get up, but can't because of the handcuffs and chains. She realizes that Katherine did something. Elena finally gets free of the chains and grabs her phone, but Nadia is there and brings Katherine forth. She knows Elena is fighting and wants to know where her body is? Nadia doesn't answer, yet.

Stefan and Damon are at The Grill. Damon tells Stefan he put Katherine where she belongs and he's not giving the body back. He tells Stefan to stop giving him the pouty face and Stefan says he isn't. This is his, "You're being a dick" face. He knows Elena hasn't called him back and it's making him miserable. Damon downed his shot and Stefan casually takes a sip of his own drink. Damon agrees about the miserable part and goes to shoot some pool.

He blames Stefan for telling him to get her back. Stefan says no, "you did what you always do. You had a problem and instead of dealing with it. You cut ties and you ran." Damon thinks he's enjoying this a little too much. Caroline arrives. Telling them that Bonnie took Jeremy to see her mom and they haven't talked to Elena. Damon wants to know who invited her and Stefan says he did.

"Caroline agreed to help you get Elena back." 

Damon points at her and says she hates him. "You once told me that calling me Satan was an insult to Satan." Caroline looks to Stefan then answers Damon.

 "Well nobody's perfect." She just smiles.

Probably hoping the spotlight is off her and it is. Oh Caroline you are going to be thinking of Klaus for a long time.

Damon wonders if this is what it's come to? Stefan brought him love advice from Prudie Trudie, looking back at Caroline. She isn't to be put down, "I can be unpredictable and incredibly reckless."

Damon starts to look from one to the other and asks what is going on? He asks if they're babysitting him?

Stefan replies, "We're just hanging out chatting."

Damon says he doesn't need this and doesn't need Caroline's help. She just smiles as he walks away.

Katherine is pacing back and forth annoyed with Nadia watching on. She's going through the texts from Damon and Nadia figures out they are getting suspicious. They need to find the body. Katherine says she needs to go to Tyler's party and get the information, but Nadia is against it. It's really their only option.

Matt and Tyler are unloading supplies for the party. He wants to know if he invited Caroline? Matt says yes and asks when he said he was starting over that meant he wanted Caroline back? Tyler doesn't answer yes or no.

WHATEVER dude. You broke her heart for revenge that you didn't even get. She's moved on even if Klaus isn't coming back to MF.

Katherine calls Matt and asks him if he can help her with something?

The scene in the beginning is re-played up until she sneaks up behind Matt and says, "Guess who?"

Damon comes home to find Enzo casually lounging on the couch. He starts to get up as Damon comes closer and notices blood on the side of Enzo's face. Damon looks down at the body bag. End scene.

Back to Enzo and Damon at the boarding house. He says he likes a good fire and that it's ironic since Damon left him to burn. Damon's short temper shows asking him, "Didn't we already do this? You tried to make me feel guilty. saved your life. we're even." Enzo laughs then Damon asks, "What's in the bag?" Enzo explains he knows all about Damon killing The Whitmore Family after what happened to them.

Damon rolls his eyes tired of the conversation. Enzo wants Damon to be the Damon he met so long ago. So he brought him a present in the form of Aaron Whitmore. Enzo asks Damon if he remembers the vervain wristwatch? How Dr. Whitmore never took it off even when he was rooting around in their chest cavities. He asks Damon does he want to kill Aaron or should he do it?

At the party. Katherine arrives and gets annoyed, again, having to wait for Matt to let her in. She compels him to get lost and finds Stefan pouring a beer and approaches him. He asks where has she been? She just tells him around, processing everything, trying to figure out a way to deal with the whole Damon thing. She tries to look forlorn and does her job well cause Stefan doesn't suspect a thing. Stefan tells her she made a mistake. Damon wants her back. She asks him if this is weird for him?

He says that is it, but Damon is a better person with her and he wants to see him happy. It's her turn to ask Stefan how he is? How is he dealing with "Katherine's death"? He answers ok. She isn't satisfied with that. She doesn't want him to hide his feelings. He's adamant about being ok. They had a thing, it ended. She died and he's fine. Katherine continues to fish for his feelings and for information on her body. Stefan give her the clue in what Damon told him and she knows exactly where Damon put her body now.

Enzo is waiting on Damon to kill Aaron. Damon asks Enzo if he ask all his friends to kill and Enzo reminds him that Aaron's grandfather slit their eyelids open with a scalpel. Damon says he's a friend of a friend. Enzo refuses to believe that because if he did that would mean Damon has gone soft. He knows that Damon's first impulse was to rip out his throat when he presented Aaron to him. Enzo sits back down and asks Damon to show him that his old friend is still in there.

To end this and points at Aaron. Damon's phone rings to interrupt the serious moment. Caroline is on the other end telling him to get his butt over to Tyler's because Elena is there. Aaron wakes up and Damon hangs up the phone. Enzo tells him to make a decision and so he snaps Enzo's neck and compels Aaron to leave for good and never come back.

Nadia finds Katherine helping with cleanup and teases her. She tells her daughter that her body is in the tomb. Katherine goes back inside to say her goodbyes, but you know she's going to start trouble. Caroline is pouring some chips into a bowl when she notices Elena. She's been calling and texting and Elena apologizes says her phone died.

Katherine asks her what she wanted to talk about? "I did a bad thing," Caroline replies. Katherine just keeps walking saying she's sure it isn't that bad. Caroline tells her she doesn't even know what it is she's done and tells her to stop because this is really important. Katherine takes a deep breath and turns to Caroline and apologizes again. "What would you say if I told that when a certain awful person was in town I went with him into the woods and sort of kissed him?"

You did more than that girly!!! OH gosh Caroline expression are hysterical.

"He was there. He obviously wanted to kiss me. So I thought oh maybe we'll just make out, but then. It felt really really good to kiss. So I totally had sex with him."

You have got to watch these scenes with Caroline and Katherine. "But I swear I didn't plan to do it and now I feel terrible." Katherine asks who the person they are talking about is?

Caroline slowly and quietly says, "Klaus."

Katherine's reaction had me rotflmao.

She's like, "Oh wow," "Really?"

Caroline asks, "Would I make something like this up? That is why I need you to tell me what an awful person I am."

Katherine is calm and tells Caroline, "You're one of the least awful people I know."

Katherine is freaking Fan-Tab-U-Lous!!! Oh, but wait for it!!! Tyler is coming down the stairs. Only Katherine can see him. So she urges Caroline to give her details. "So tell me how was it? I mean compared to Tyler?"

Oh thank you Katherine for being so sneaky!!! Of course Tyler is listening in on their conversation. "Elena Gilbert," Caroline exclaims.

"Caroline Forbes," Katherine mimics her, "come on spill the beans." Caroline is smiling and shaking her head. "I mean now that you slept with Klaus how was it?" Tyler hears this.

I just have to point out that those girls Tyler was pretending to talk to looked like they are barely in high school, if that?

"I am so not answering that." Katherine is just loving what she is doing and so am I.

"Oh you so are?" Katherine looks up knowing Tyler is there. "Oh my god."

Caroline turns around to see Tyler glaring at her. Katherine's work is done and she's laughing all the way to the bank. Tyler's being all dramatic just staring at Caroline then walks away. Caroline does nothing and lets him.

In a cave somewhere Katherine finally arrives for Mia to do the spell. She takes Katherine's blood then plunges a knife into Katherine's dead body making an opening. Katherine comments on Mia mutilating her body. Mia's response is that travellers don't have access to magic and must improvise. She tells Katherine to shut up so she can concentrate. Katherine gives her a fake smile.

Mia puts her hand inside the hole and starts the spell. Whispering voices can be heard again and Katherine's eyes go black. Elena has returned. She plays it off as Katherine. Walks away to catch her breath then turns back around and asks what is happening now? Mia tells her, "If she wants to say goodbye to Elena forever she needs silence." Nadia asks her if she's ok and Elena acts like Katherine, not caring for her concern.

Tyler is drinking his sorrows away when Caroline finds him. He tells her to get out. She stands her ground wanting to explain. Instead he talks about how Klaus has killed thousands of people. Naming off those Caroline is already aware of. He turns to her and calls her name reminding her that Klaus killed his mom. The glass in his hand shatters making Caroline jumps at his anger toward her.

She whispers she knows this and apologizes. She tries to approach him, but he tells her to stop, " I walked out last time now it's your turn." Caroline doesn't go. She tried again to get close and he demands she doesn't take another step.

Who in hades does Tyler think he is to demand anything from her? She wants him to just let her explain, but in his rage he changes into his wolf yelling at her to leave. She cringes with uncertainty and backs away. Stefan vamp speeds in and throws Tyler up against the wall.

Ok people I am not going to lie. I did not like Tyler in his scenes with Caroline at all. I mean they were friends before anything and to turn into his wolf like that in his angered state was not cool.

Stefan holds him off, says he's drunk. He pushes Stefan away telling him to get his hands off him. Stefan wants to know what is the matter with him? Tyler gladly tells him that Caroline screwed Klaus. Stefan just looks back at Caroline not accusingly or anything.

Caroline is looking down then looks up to see Stefan watching her. When he doesn't say anything she covers her face in her hands and leaves. Tyler says, "Exactly." Stefan just looks at Tyler all cool, calm and collected. The WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM, Stefan cold cocks the fool in the face.

That's right Tyler. Don't you go messing with Stefan's little "sister" like that. I totally worship the ground Stefan walks on!!!

"You know drunk or not she doesn't deserve that." Stefan says and proudly walks away.

Mia is almost finished with the spell and Elena knows she has to stop it somehow. She speeds over to Mia and knocks her out then grabs the dagger and sticks it in Nadia and leaves.

Damon arrives, but can't get in because he hasn't been invited. He calls out to Matt, but no dice. He starts to walk around the grounds. Nadia and Mia wake up and Nadia tells her to finish the spell. Elena is running through the woods and finally stops to try her phone, but there's a code. She's starting to feel Katherine take over and starts seeing her life. Elena continues to run and finally reaches the party and just as she hugs Damon the spell is complete and Elena is gone.

Katherine pulls away from him. Damon wants her to, "say something, please." She doesn't look at him at first, "I've been looking everywhere for you," now she looks at him, "We need to talk." Damon wants to talk too. He tells her all the messages are from him in case she deleted them and didn't listen to them, but she did.
"Then you know how bad I screwed up?" He was convinced he would ruin her, but she tells him that it wasn't about that. He's pouring his heart out to her. He tells her she's the best influence on him and that he needs her. She's the good and he needs a little good in his life because without it there's a lot of darkness.

Oh poor Damon you just don't know who you are talking to???

Katherine turns from him and says that's a lot of pressure. He knows and wants to talk some more, but she says it's her turn now. She loves that she makes him better and that she loves him, but.

There's always a but right?

"I don't want to be the only thing you live for. I don't want to worry what's going to happen every time we get into a fight or if we break up again or who you're going to take it out on." Damon has no clue where she's coming from with all this.

"I know what you did to Katherine, Damon. She was weak and dying and you still tortured her." Damon can't believe any of this is about Katherine and she confirms that it isn't. "It's about you. About the person I can't change. About the person you really are. That person was right to let me go." Stefan is walking toward them and Katherine sees him.

"I'm sorry Damon, but it's over. We're over." She's a damn good actress that Katerina Petrova. Teary eyes sad look and no smile. Damon just shakes his head and she turns away from. Now we get that Katherine smirk after a job well done. Stefan calls to Damon but he doesn't turn to his little brother. He tells Stefan deep down he's enjoying this a little bit and leaves. Matt is cleaning up and sees Tyler just sitting there with a drink. He tells Matt that he just realized that this was a big ass house. That he lives in a freaking mansion.

Yeah I'm not even going to go there. Just wanted to let you all know there are "pretty"words on the tip of my tongue where this dude is concerned.

Tyler is feeling sorry for himself. Talking about how his parents are dead. The girl he loves slept with his nemesis and he has absolutely no idea what he's going to do with the rest of his life.

I can't resist. How about grow up for one. Take some responsibility for your part in everything that has happened. The list goes on and on.

Matt doesn't look impressed, but he is the trusty friend and suggests they get out of it for awhile. Go somewhere. Be anywhere, but here. Tyler shakes his head. He tells Matt that Klaus put him through hell in NOLA. "He crushed me and just when I thought it was over. When I thought he couldn't destroy anything else or do anything worse." He's at a loss for words and Matt just places his arm on his shoulder in comfort.

It was a good scene, but like I said he needs to take some responsibility for the things that have happened as well. When they set Klaus up with the hybrids he didn't think to protect his mom. Come on, you didn't think that Klaus wouldn't retaliate? Nadia gets confirmation that the spell worked and Mia wants her payment. Katherine gives it to her by killing her.

Nadia thinks they're leaving, but Katherine says she's staying. She's in the clear and half the town would probably slit their own wrist to protect Elena Gilbert. Nadia has a choice to make. Katherine wants her to stay. She can't guarantee she'll learn to be a good mother, but she'll try. They have all the time in the world to get it right. Nadia says she's searched for centuries for her and she's not leaving now. Nadia knows she's up to something and Katherine says she wants it all. She wants her daughter, her immortality and Stefan Salvatore. He's her one true love.

Caroline is sitting by the fire at the boarding house when Stefan arrives. He's been looking everywhere for her.

Let me just say watch these scenes people. I love Caroline and Stefan's friendship!!! I could never do them justice with words.

"Well, yeah I couldn't find a rock big enough to crawl under." She tries to joke with him. Stefan comes closer.

"Ok you're my friend," Stefan nods his head agreeing, "I need you to just give it to me straight. Am I a horrible person?" Stefan contemplates and knows why she came there. He sits in the other seat next to Caroline.

"Alright. Let me ask you something? When you found out about me and Katherine what was your first thought?"

"Honestly I thought ewww."

"See and if you held that against me you wouldn't be sitting here right now with me would you?"

"Or maybe I came here because I know you see the best in people." Caroline just smiles.

"Ah. Alright somebody has to say it. So here goes. You ready?" Stefan is taking his time making Caroline anxious.

"Caroline, you are a horrible person ok," she's watching him all serious, "You are thoughtless, you're shallow, you're completely un-dependable." Stefan makes her laugh with his attempt to scold her. He's smiling at her.

"Heyyy, I am vulnerable. Don't be mean."

"You know what? Now that I think about. I have no idea what Klaus saw in you? What was he thinking?" Stefan teases her.

"Shut up." She says playfully as they just look at each other laughing and Caroline feels better.

Aaron is driving out of town and stops because there's someone laying in the road.

Guess he didn't get the TVD vampire trick memo?

When he realizes it's Enzo it's too late. He thought Damon was going to let him go. Damon says he was. Aaron asks if Elena knows what he's doing and Damon says she's the reason he's here. Then takes it back and says he's the reason he's here. Aaron asks what he wants and Damon says he wants what Aaron wants, "Go back in time, fix the past, get someone back I lost." Aaron points at Damon and says everyone I lost is because of you, Enzo puts his two cents in saying it was justifiable. Damon takes full responsibility. Describing the way he killed them and enjoyed it.

This is the bad vamp Damon that has been missing for so long. He's explaining to Aaron that he was conflicted, but that right now he is crystal clear. Elena thinks he's a monster and she's right. He turns into his vamp-self and bites into Aaron's neck. When he's done he lets him fall to the ground bleeding out.

"Now that's the Damon Salvatore I remember." Enzo happily says and Damon looks at him with a full grin and mouth dripping with blood.

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