February 7, 2014

TV Review - The Vampire Diaries

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Thursdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town where supernatural beings live in secret amongst its residents. Season Four begins with the knowledge that everything is in transition. Elena faces her worst nightmare when she awakens after the accident and finds she must now endure the terrifying transition to become a vampire – or face certain death.

Stefan and Damon are torn even further apart over how to help Elena adjust to a life she never wanted, and everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric created when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Mystic Falls Council and local church leaders. season five begins, Damon and Elena have spent a blissful summer in love, unaware that Silas is free and Stefan has been suffering agonizing pain every day for months.

Damon believes Stefan is staying away because it would be too painful for him to see Damon and Elena as a couple, but Elena can’t escape the uneasy feeling that Stefan needs their help. While Elena is reluctant to leave Damon and Jeremy, she is also thrilled to be heading off to a new start at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline as her roommate. Still unaware that Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline are waiting for their friend to join them at college. Jeremy is the only one who can see and talk to Bonnie who is trapped on the Other Side.

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"Total Eclipse of the Heart" 02/06/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

So Katherine is loving her life as Elena especially being a vampire again. Her plan is to get Stefan back.

Caroline is talking about her and Elena's new single status and it's time to purge their tragic first semester by attending Whitmore's Bitter Ball. Bonnie notices a new witch in class.

Stefan finds out what Damon and Enzo have been up. He calls Damon predictable going off the rails since Elena/Katherine broke up with him.

Katherine and Nadia are still compelling Matt for information. Tyler comes into The Grill and notices Nadia. The three of them start doing shots and talking about their mothers. Nadia compels Matt again, but this time Tyler sees. He tells Matt and they plan to find out what she's up to.

Dr. Wes Maxfield is experimenting on some poor guy when a woman named Sloan arrives and offers him money and protection. Stefan talks with Enzo. He wants him to leave. Enzo tries to challenge Stefan who warns him that what he does to him will be final.

Bonnie and Jeremy are confronted by Damon who needs Bonnie's help to find a witch to locate the doctor. They refuse to help, but Enzo is there and causes Jeremy pain to make Bonnie agree.

Caroline observes Katherine and Stefan dancing. She interrupts them to take Elena/Katherine away to go to the shredder. Once there Caroline shreds pictures of Tyler and the pic Klaus drew for her. It's a cleansing of sorts.

Damon and Bonnie find Stefan and Caroline and tell them what is going on.

Nadia warns Katherine she better start caring like Elena or she's going to be found out.

They end up getting Livie to assist. Bonnie helps her to concentrate, but she loses control and has an outburst. More threats from Damon and Enzo if they don't get the location of the good doctor.

Enzo chokes Jeremy with a plastic. Stefan and Katherine arrive. Katherine looks like she wants to puke having to give her little brother CPR. Stefan and Enzo fight. Damon appears saying the spell worked and Wes is in Richmond. They leave like nothing happened.

Tyler warns Matt away from Nadia, but he can't because Nadia is threatening to kill them. So he has to keep up the charade. Damon and Enzo make it to the abandoned clinic and are downed by travellers. Wes injects Damon with something?

Stefan and Elena have a heart to heart. He tells her that he likes who his brother has become with her and doesn't want to lose that Damon. She tells him she can't go back to Damon, but she will help him help Damon. Caroline opens the door to see them hugging. They all look at each other trying not to be awkward.

Damon and Enzo wake up after being knocked out. Damon tells him about Wes' plan to have vampires feed on each other. Damon finds the poor guy Wes was experimenting on and lets him go only to feed on him and rips his head off. Enzo sees how this new Damon could be a problem.

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