March 25, 2014

Promotional Event: GLORY DOGS Forged Through Glory

GLORY DOGS Forged Through Glory by DeZré Storm
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2013
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Book Description:

Yoland “Kitten” Sleek is used to living in a world of secrets. Born a mixed breed of humanoid, one engineered to kill and another made for pleasure, she explores the galaxy searching for the one source that can protect the privacy of her family: her father. 

The pleasure breed’s illegal bloodline endangers her existence and brands her with a death sentence. Blackmailed into an agreement with the superiors of her employer, she lands in dangerous hands.

Special Operations Sergeant Brinks “Watch” Dog leads his squadron into the most challenging of planetary environments in service to the Compound Operations Research Exploration (CORE) Unit of the United Human Alliance. Bound to his Squad Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver, they scour the galaxies hunting to fulfill the missions of the CORE and save a planet’s people. After the rare addition of female Enlist Yoland Sleek to the team, the secrecy surrounding her threatens the squadron’s existence.

Can they keep their minds focused on the mission, or should their attentions deviate to the temptation of Yoland Sleek?

♥ ♥ ♥


Sleek crashed to the floor from the stabilizer seat in her cryopod. Her body clattered around in the GEAR. Her vision blurred under the sleep drugs. She blinked.

Where? What am I doing?

The air hissed through her GEAR helmet. She heard the familiar mute of the comm if a noise was loud enough to damage her hearing. The sound faded in once the decibels reduced. Desperation and panic ripped through the air.

“Dammit, Kitten. Get up.” Dog hauled her to a stand. She squeezed her lids tight to force the medication from her sight. Nausea settled a heat in her belly. Damned cryo dream.

Dog held her by the waist with his artillery arm drawn. An e-shot ripped through the gun. He didn’t flinch against the kickback. What in hell would he be shooting at inside a S.E.V?

Her drugged stare moved languidly over her surroundings. The ceiling of the Mark-2 was opened. The side of the ship wall was ripped. Air rushed around them. Red lights flashed. The ship thrusters kicked in to try to stabilize the vehicle. She craned her neck and witnessed at least three stories of the ship’s guts torn away. The decimated cryopods lined the stories above. The platoon. Gone. Dead.

She scanned from overhead to her feet. The blackness of space stretched out endlessly. Debris from the ship and enlist bodies littered the airways. The concourse transport terminal gleamed far off in the distance, sparkling in fascinating colors with the radioactive disturbances its opening caused. The skyline below faded into the gray tinted atmosphere of a large planet.

Ghost planet.

They’d made it.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Tales of adventure, love and sexuality have always intrigued and inspired DeZré Storm.

Weaving stories of strong character, action adventure, paranormal encounters and steaming sex make DeZré Storm tales perfect for anyone seeking a heart-pounding and spicy get away. This author doesn’t mind taking your imagination to exciting new places.

Readers that crave adventurous sexy stories set in imperfect worlds will enjoy DeZré Storm novels. Glory Dog’s action and sensuality is guaranteed to keep you panting.

Careful. It gets hot under the cover.

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