March 30, 2014

TV Review - The Vampire Diaries

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Thursdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town where supernatural beings live in secret amongst its residents. Season Four begins with the knowledge that everything is in transition. Elena faces her worst nightmare when she awakens after the accident and finds she must now endure the terrifying transition to become a vampire – or face certain death.

Stefan and Damon are torn even further apart over how to help Elena adjust to a life she never wanted, and everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric created when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Mystic Falls Council and local church leaders. season five begins, Damon and Elena have spent a blissful summer in love, unaware that Silas is free and Stefan has been suffering agonizing pain every day for months.

Damon believes Stefan is staying away because it would be too painful for him to see Damon and Elena as a couple, but Elena can’t escape the uneasy feeling that Stefan needs their help. While Elena is reluctant to leave Damon and Jeremy, she is also thrilled to be heading off to a new start at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline as her roommate. Still unaware that Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline are waiting for their friend to join them at college. Jeremy is the only one who can see and talk to Bonnie who is trapped on the Other Side.

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"Rescue Me" 03/27/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

I am loving Caroline having Stefan's back with Sloan. Who continues to fry Stefan's brain for info on the doppelganger Tom Avery. I cheered Caroline telling her if she didn't stop she was going to kill her too. Caroline and Enzo find out Sloan's info. is faulty and she goes at Stefan again to get a new lead on Tom. They find the red head witch Hazel and Enzo kills her to get into her house.

Enzo questions her ability to kill Tom when they hear his heartbeat and find him in the basement. Caroline compels him to trust her. She breaks Enzo's neck to get Tom away to learn he's a good guy like Stefan said. She compels him again to leave and find a place he enjoys, meet a girl and have a great life. However Enzo finds them and kills Tom himself. He tells Caroline he made a deal too and would do anything for the ones he loves.

They make it back to the Travellers camp outside of Mystic Falls and Caroline confides in Stefan. She figures out that Stefan knew she couldn't do it, but Stefan makes her understand that it wasn't that she couldn't do it. He knew she wouldn't and that's what makes Caroline who she is.

Liv tells Jeremy that the Travellers are up to something big and it surrounds Elena. She gets a text about Hazel being dead and goes to leave. Tyler confronts her calling her a newbie witch, but she throws him across the room and proves she isn't. She goes after Elena and tries to stake her, but Damon saves her.

Damon tortures Liv and learns Elena is the last female doppelganger. Jeremy shows up and tells Damon if he wants to kill Liv he'll have to kill him. Jeremy than makes a deal with Liv and Luke to protect Elena and find out what the Travellers have planned. He moves in with Matt and Tyler.

Elena and Damon's supposed break up is kind of cliche. They have sex even though they are broken up. She finally decides that she can't live with them doing bad things for each other. She asks Damon to let her go and he does.

The Travellers are preparing for their leader Marcos. They drink the blood they took from Elena and Stefan. Sloan sets the group on fire and they die.

Bonnie experiences their deaths one after the other and passes out. A shadow comes forth out of her into a figure of a man. We don't see his face, but I take it this is Marcos.

Next Episode: Resident Evil airs April 17, 2014 - Stefan and Elena are having visions of a life together.

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