April 11, 2014

Promotional Event: The Whitechapel Virgin

The Whitechapel Virgin by Carla Acheson
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: February 2014
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Book Description:

When innocent Catherine Bell stumbles into the seedy world of Madame Davenport’s brothel lodging-house, she meets lothario Edward Cross, who feels his ambitious diary of the Whitechapel area’s prostitutes will benefit favourably with her entry.

Catherine soon begins to experience animosity from the other women there, as well as mounting fears over Cross’s brutal and strange sexual manner. 

With nowhere to turn things worsen when prostitutes in the area begin to disappear one by one, only to be found murdered by a ruthless and bloody man.

Soon every woman in Whitechapel is terrified and asking, who is Jack the Ripper?

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"Annie leaned down and for a few moments did nothing as she watched the orphan girl's shoulders heave as she sobbed. Surprised, she felt a sudden developing pity for the wretch, and laid one hand on the girls shoulder, a gesture which moments before had been unthinkable.

But now that she had witnessed her like this, she couldn't bring herself to reprimand or strike her when it seemed like some other deviant fellow had got there first.

Looking at her crumpled form it took Annie back to the times when some of her own clients liked a little bit of rough play and she would have to find ways to cover her bruises carefully. The girl knew nothing, she thought, she has so much to learn."

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Author Bio:

Carla lives in Gibraltar with her family and is a member of the Freelance Writers Association. She works as a book reviewer and has interviewed and published book reviews and articles for best-selling and award-winning authors.

Her articles and reviews have been featured in various press publications, as well as Waterstones Quarterly UK Magazine.

Her debut fiction novel ‘The Last Gift’ released October 2012, is available on both Kindle and paperback. Carla is also the founder of the Rock Writers Group formed in Gibraltar in 2009.

Music production, singing, reading and writing have always been the main essential ingredients in Carla’s life.


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