April 23, 2014

Review: RecruitZ (Afterworld #1)

RecruitZ (Afterworld #1) by Karice Bolton
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Release Date: December 27, 2013
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Book Description:

Scientists are the new rock stars. The infection has been contained for nearly three months, and the world is celebrating. 

But humans are still dying. Rebekah Taylor has seen it firsthand. Her husband was killed right in front of her by the very creatures that humans were told they no longer had to fear.

Rebekah is determined to find out who is responsible for the death of her husband and the obvious cover-up. 

Fueled with revenge, she begins to find answers that lead to one frightening conclusion. The apocalypse might be over, but the battles are just beginning.

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh my god Karice Bolton is an evil genius!

RecruitZ follows Rebekah on a mission to find out what really caused zombies to attack and kill her husband in a world where the zombie population is supposed to be under control. I really enjoyed Bolton’s style of writing. It was fast paced from the start and the thing I loved most was that it wasn’t your typical zombie book.

There was a lot more substance than I was initially expecting, which is awesome. This book really surprised me. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I say that in the best way possible. Bolton throws a lot of twists and turns at the reader and just when you think something is going one way, it veers to left field and you’re just like oh my god what just happened?!

It’s perfect. I also love the characters. Rebekah is badass and I love that she doesn’t give up even though her friends sort of think she’s being a bit dramatic. They don’t really believe what she tells them about her husband at first. So, Rebekah goes out to prove herself right and to find out what’s really happening and boy the things she finds!

One of those things is Preston, who lost his sister to zombies. I love, love, love Preston. He partners up with Rebekah and they work together to figure out who and what TRAC is and what it all has to do with zombies. I don’t want to give too much away because the book is really good, one of my favorite zombie books and I’ve read quite a few because they terrify me and I love scaring the crap out of myself.

I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next book in the series and learning even more about the organization…doing the thing they’re doing. Haha can’t spoil that. Definitely one to recommend!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Karice Bolton lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a writer of Young Adult and New Adult books. She loves to read anything and everything. She also enjoys baking, skiing, and spending time with her wonderful husband and two English bulldogs.

Books currently available: *Beyond Love Series: Beyond Control (Book 1) Beyond Doubt (Book 2) Beyond Reason (Book 3) – Feb. 28th *Afterworld Series: RecruitZ (Book 1) *The Witch Avenue Series: Lonely Souls (Book 1), Altered Souls (Book 2), Released Souls (Book 3) Shattered Souls (Book 4) *The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening (Book 1), Legions (Book 2), Cataclysm (Book 3), Taken Novella (Watchers Prequel) *The Camp

Karice would love if you stopped by her blog or FB page to find out the latest news on giveaways and upcoming releases, or you can just send her an email. She loves hearing from her readers and responds as soon as she can.

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  1. This sounds like such a fun and intense read! I especially like how character driven it sounds I find for zombie books it's really important or it ends up being mindless gore/zombie action. Ha that was totally an unintentional pun! :D

    1. OMG it really is! So intense and crazy. It's definitely worth checking out. :)

  2. Sounds good! I'm going to get a copy now. :)


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