June 28, 2014

Promotional Event: William's Tale (The Colony #3.5)

William's Tale (The Colony #3.5) by Regina Morris
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 2014
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Book Description:

Fifteen years ago, Colony Agent William Wardell met his future wife Jackie Pearlman. 

She’s sexy, opinionated, and finds him to be a mockery of the American dream of equality for all. 

Can a past Freedom Rider and racial activist from the 1960s, now turned vampire, prove to the love of his life that he’s not a political puppet?

♥ ♥ ♥


William led Jackie out of the library, his hand lightly gripping the crux of her arm. She easily followed, although her heels did give her a moment’s pause.

Standing in the hallway, William glanced down the right corridor leading to the principal’s office and noticed too many humans milling about for his taste. Looking to his left, he saw a hallway running past the security station. No one stood around in that area, so he walked Jackie down that way.

The security guard proved to be the only obstacle, but not for long. William’s eyes locked onto hers as she stood. “You will let us pass.” Her eyes dimmed, and her skin instantly paled. She scooted out of their way and paid them no mind.

A door in the hallway with the word “Nurse” across the frosted, cracked window caught his attention. The unlocked door easily opened, so he led Jackie inside. Now alone, the two were out of earshot of any human.

He heard Jackie’s heart beating loudly with his sensitive vampire ears as he closed the door behind them. Her eyes widened with fright as she stared at the door.

“You need to unhand me.” She twisted her arm and forced him to let go. He had barely held her arm, afraid he may too easily bruise her — or break her arm since his vampire strength sometimes did get the better of him when dealing with humans. Her body stood tense; her full height had her standing just past his shoulders. He listened as she took a deep breath and looked him over questioningly.

“Well?” she asked. “You dragged me here for a reason. So spill it,” she said, biting her lower lip and shifting from one foot to the other.

She seemed so angry. Her cheeks were flushed with blood, and she had a defiant expression on her face. He liked opinionated, strong women, and she looked lovely to him. But, she was obviously hiding something.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Regina Morris is the author of the paranormal romances that make up The Colony series. She loves paranormal romances featuring vampires, but her personal taste is light-hearted and humorous – not horrific and gory. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children. She enjoys meeting with her monthly critique writing groups and meeting other writers in the Austin area through the WLT events.

She has lived in many different parts of the world. She graduated high school in Germany and she attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a degree in computer science with a minor in math.

Besides writing, she is an amateur portrait and sports photographer. After enjoying a career in the software engineering business, she discovered that writing was in her blood, and had to put pen to paper!

Please connect with Regina Morris through various social media, which are listed on her personal author website

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