July 17, 2014

Book Blitz: Challenging Destiny

Challenging Destiny by Cherie Colyer
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: March 27, 2014
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Book Description:

Logan Ragsdale and his younger sister, Ariana, have been marked, chosen to be unwilling participants in a war between angels and demons.

Logan can sense something's not quite right. Like an unexpected chill on a summer's day, he can feel the unseen closing in. He's had these feelings before and, each time, someone close to him died. He's afraid this time it might just be Ariana.

Logan's fears are soon confirmed when he discovers their new friends aren't human, but rather representatives from Heaven and Hell sent to Earth to ensure he and Ariana accept their roles in an ancient prophecy. Demons want Logan to open the gates of Hell. Ariana has the power to stop them, but if she chooses to side with Heaven to spare the lives of thousands of innocent people, she'll damn her brother for eternity.

Together, they must derail the biblical event if they hope to save themselves and the future of mankind...but what price are they willing to pay to keep the other safe?

♥ ♥ ♥


We went to our favorite coffee house. She ordered an extra-large caramel macchiato. I got an extra-large dark cherry mocha and a bagel with cream cheese and jelly to split. I rummaged around the bottom of my purse for money while we waited to hear the total. All I found were a couple crinkled singles and some loose change. I’d already talked Becca into sneaking offcampus; no way was I going to make her pay for breakfast, too.

I looked at her. She had her head down as she checked her text messages. “I got this. Want to grab some napkins?”

“Sure.” She turned on her heels, fingers flying over the small keypad on her phone.

“Twelve dollars and eighty-seven cents,” the cashier, a good-looking guy in his early twenties, said.

I glanced over my shoulder to make sure Becca wasn’t watching me. Then I pulled the singles out of my purse and waited until I had the cashier’s full attention. It took a minute, which gave me time to notice the long curved scar on his left cheek. When he finally looked up, I leaned forward so I could see the brown hue in his bright blue irises and said, “Here’s fifteen.”

He grabbed my fingers along with the bills. “I can see through your little parlor trick,” he replied in a silky voice that boiled my blood. His musk cologne, mixed with the scent of burned leaves, caught in my throat.

“But I’ll play along. Do you want change?”

I wanted to run, but he still had my hand in a vise grip.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

A little about myself: I write young adult and middle grade novels. I love finding new stories that keep me up late reading.

While my favorite genre is fantasy, if the book is beautifully written with characters that come alive I’m all over it.

My debut novel EMBRACE is now available from Omnific Publishing.

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