July 29, 2014

Morning Coffee "Mugshot"...

My Coffee "MugShot"

I'm a lover of coffee and there for I have a ridiculous amount of coffee mugs. It's not even a joke. I swear the people I live with occasionally break them on purpose just to get rid of some of them. But out of all my mugs, I think this one is definitely my favorite. It was a gift from a friend, I believe they got it at Target, honestly I'm not sure. But I've had it for close to eight years and it's literally the best mug ever.

It's big. It's got my two of my three favorite colors on it(green and black, the third is pink in case you're wondering)and really how can you go wrong with a skull? Exactly, you can't. I'm not entirely sure if I'm attached to this mug because it's just super awesome or because of the person who gave it to me. But either way no one but me can use it and trust me...I'll know. Haha.

Another great thing is, while I drink a lot of coffee it usually takes me a while to finish a cup because I'm constantly multi-tasking. But the mug is microwave safe so I can totally reheat it. Like literally, I just really love my mug. Are you a coffee lover too? Do you have your own special or unique mug? Comment below with a picture or send me your "Mug Shot" at pinkfluffyhearts@gmail.com and I'll add it to this post!

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The End...


  1. I like how this mug design is also kinda 'don't fuck with me until I finish my coffee' which I can relate to :)

    1. LMAO that's exactly what it's saying HAHA. <3


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