July 22, 2014

Promotional Event: The Apostle: Destiny

The Apostle: Destiny by Dylan Hiler
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: May 22, 2014
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Book Description:

The night sky adorned of two moons, Vera and Dawn, Tarthuria bathes in the silence of mystery and intrigue. One of the comets of Tiera Cylith has landed in the village of Fairwillow and has punctured the ground with an indelible prophecy. The Apostle were the words burned into the crater left after the willow tree had been destroyed.

Through troubled times, of which Fairwillow experienced its fair share, an ancient witch by the name of Famora has cursed Sath and Elle’s family. Their first born, Raios, is condemned to be The Apostle – the one that would throw the destiny of the village into doomed days.

Yet, Sath Eden is not to be swayed. But who is this other woman in his life? Who is Sibyl? Will she spell the final condemnation of the entire village? Sath had to vanquish the omen, dispel the augury, and destroy Famora.

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What People Are Saying:

Fairwillow seems to be a quiet, peaceful town but under the double moons of Dawn and Vera it is quietly, slowly erupting from within. The heart of it all is Sath and Elle Eden. They have three children Raios, Mercy and Dield. The known witch of Fairwillow, Famora, spoke a prophecy of destiny over Raios before he was born and has been a troubled child ever since.

With a strike of a mighty pen Hiler has created a unique fantasy that is filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue as he whisks his readers to another time and place that you’ll never want to leave. I love the development of the relationships within the storyline gathered around Sath the farmer, a mighty man within his community and beyond. Sath the friend as the development of friendship grows with Orick the carpenter. Sath the kind, loving husband and the changes that relationship brings. Than Sath the father and how he struggles with his oldest son Raios. I love the character developments that grow at a pleasing pace and the raw deep emotion of the storyline. Especially unique as there is no main character but the Eden family as a whole evolves to become the main characters. There are so many underlying lessons to learn that one doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Powerful, raw, emotional more in one book than a reader could ever desire. Personally I have to read the next one as a fiction story this is truly amazing but as a series one can only imagine where this could lead. Five stars yes but if I could give ten I would as this is by far one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. So whether you are a lover of the genre of fantasy or looking for a unique, outstanding fiction don’t miss “The Apostle: Destiny”. -Cheri Clay


All in all, I can honestly say I enjoyed this book (I read it in just 2 days!)

It was a very original fantasy story in the sense that it didn't include all the stereotypical elves and dwarves, dragons and goblins, princesses and heroes, and all the other elements that are all too common in this genre. The characters were surprisingly relatable, in fact, I found myself emotionally attached to a few of them. The setting has an appeal, as it is a more simple world than our own, yet the characters were surprisingly realistic. The story has an overall dark tone, which I personally liked, yet there was always a glimmer of hope, and many underlying postive messages and lessons throughout. There is something for adults and adolescents alike (but I wouldn't recommend it for young children).

Aside from a few grammatical errors, the only thing I really didn't like was how abruptly it ended. There was a good build up and climax (and a few good twists), but it was an ending that left the reader wanting more. There is supposed to be more books in the series, but I am impatient, and was hoping for more closure. Also, I found some of the names hard to pronounce, but I have found that that is common in fantasy books.

Like I said, overall it was a good read, and am looking forward to the sequal(s)!!! -Philip Courtney

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Author Bio:

Dylan Hiler is a freelance author whose current projects include The Tarthurian Chronicles and Lockland the Time Traveling Fox.

Owner of the publication company I’m a Human Productions he focuses his time and energy on interesting and unique adventures that capture the heart and mind alike.

He currently lives in Minnesota with his wife Shannon, son Azrael, and so many animals it may as well be a hobby farm.

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