July 1, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf

Channel: MTV
Day and Time: Monday's at 10/9 EST
Release Date: June 23, 2014
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Two months later and still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia, integrate back into society. But Kate Argent's surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor.

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4.02 "117" 06/30/14 - Review by Corina Lombardi

Before I even start in on my review one thing must be said…

Derek Hale won a fight. Guys, DEREK HALE WON…A FIGHT. This is monumental. If you’re not an avid Teen Wolf watcher, this little factoid might mean nothing to you, but to those of us who have watched Derek get beaten, impaled, clawed to near death, tortured on multiple occasions, thrown off buildings tumbling to his almost death, and pretty much had his ass beaten in EVERY fight, this is epic. It’s bigger than the day I fell in love with Coffee.

DEREK HALE WON A FIGHT and he protected his pack. He protected Scott, like he’s always done. This episode will forever go down as one of the best for me. There should be a national holiday on this very day and it should be called the Derek Hale Day. I’m bouncing with glee and I’ve rewatched the episode two and a half time already (Yes half, because the third time I just skipped to all the Derek scenes. Sorry, not sorry).

Okay, I feel better, now we can move on. I enjoyed this episode about a dozen times better than the premier episode. I liked how the beginning started off with just the core characters. I really liked seeing how much Scott, Lydia, Stiles care about Derek and for once seeing them take care of him. That was awesome. Derek has always been so alone and on the outside of things and it’s really great character development on all of their parts that he’s now very much a part of their inner circle.

I’m really enjoying Scott’s new role this season. I mean he’s been the alpha for a bit now, but we’re finally getting to see him step up in that leadership role and deal with all these different aspects and personalities of the people in his pack. He’s trying to do what’s right for everyone while still trying to follow what he believes is right. Love it.

Stiles was back to being the adorable best friend I love this week, which was nice. Dylan is amazing and definitely had some of the best scenes this week. The whole scene with Stiles, Scott and the sheriff was amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing. No joke and then Stiles, baby Derek, and Scott’s dad? Oh my god…I think I’ve rewatched that scene like thirty times! We’ve got cocky Derek, which is so rare because he’s always so guilty and sad…seeing him smiling and being all smirk-like is rare, like unicorns and rainbows. Also BAM Derek Hale speaks fluent Spanish and that was totally my headcanon anyway, but it’s nice that it’s confirmed.

I love to hate Kate. She creeped me out so bad perving on baby Derek in this episode. Not cool Kate, not cool. If I were Derek I’d be pissed now.

Peter’s snark was on point, I have so much love for Ian and Peter because even though you kind of hate Peter you also kind of love him because he brings in such an awesome dynamic with him.

We got more Scott and Stiles scenes which always makes my heart happy! And poor Stiles always having to be the little spoon, you can be the big spoon with us anytime Stiles!

Still not loving Malia, not even a little.

Kira though, as always was badass. I love seeing her fight and handle shit on her own, but the scene at the school broke my heart. Scott is lying on the ground watching her fight and then she makes the mistake of looking back at him and then all hell breaks loose and the way Scott screams Kira’s name with such fear…God you know he was thinking about Allison and the Oni and how it’s practically happening all over again right in front of him with Kira. My heart broke so bad I just wanted to pull Scott into my arms and hug him. Poor baby.

Have I mentioned how awesome Ian Nelson was in this episode as baby Derek? They cast him perfectly. I always love flashbacks because he’s so perfect. His expressions, his gait, and just his general attitude screams Derek Hale. He really is like a baby Tyler, plus he’s an amazing actor. Perfection.

Fact: When any version of Derek cries or looks like he’s going to cry, my entire heart melts into a puddle and I cry with him and just want to hold him and protect him from the entire universe…and beyond. Oh! And holy shit guys…the Hale’s are millionaires…well not anymore, but they were. I can’t even…though it makes sense because Derek does nothing but creep and stalk all day and since that’s not a paying job obviously he’s gotta have money.

Veering off the topic of Derek for the moment (I’ll be back) I’ve gotta say I really loved the scene with Lydia and Kira. My heart has been hurting for Lydia so much and how utterly alone she seems. So it’s nice to see that they’re working together and they’ve got a tentative friendship going. I think that’s really great and the fact that even in the middle of chaos Kira admits some vulnerabilities to Lydia and shares her fears. And the fact that Lydia encouraged her, reassured her, and told her how badass she was…god I just love Lydia. How hard must it be to see her best friends first love moving on and accepting this new girl not that long after Allison is gone, and yet she’s not bitter or rude about it but accepting.

Lydia Martin is boss people. She will never not be my favorite female on the show. She’s strong, smart, sassy, and in charge of her sexuality and it’s never shown as a negative thing on the show and I love that. I love everything that strawberry blonde embodies. My only complaint is there wasn’t enough Lydia in last night’s episode haha.

God there’s still so much to talk about, but this review is getting embarrassingly long. So below are my favorite moments of the episode and a few I could have lived without. What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? What were your favorite parts? Sound off in the comments below!

Favorite/Best Moments:

-Baby Derek squeezing Lydia’s hand and her staying with Deaton to watch over him. I really want Derek and Lydia to be friends this season.
-History class and Mr. Yukimura, gotta love that man
-Time traveling…watch the episode guys this scene.
-Scott talking about not liking to lie and saying honesty is better with Lydia, his mom, Stiles’ dad. I’m liking your priorities this season Scott and seeing him care about Lydia makes my heart happy.
-Miguel makes an appearance and egg rolls!
-Scott’s face when he learns about Derek and Kate. Make sense now why he wanted you to stay away from Allison in the beginning Scott? Derek’s always been your protector.
-Peter’s sass
-Derek hearing Scott’s roar and rushing to protect him because Scott needs him and that’s what matters, nothing else, not even Kate.
-Kira being badass
-Stiles and his bat

Worst Moments:

-Kate kissing baby Derek. That will never not be traumatizing.
-Overdue Eichen House bills :/
-My perpetual dislike of all things Malia

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