September 1, 2014

Top Ten Female Characters: Television Edition

Top Ten Female Characters

TV Show Edition

10. How I Met Your Mother: Robin Scherbatsky – My love for Robin is like…my love for coffee. Long lasting and never-ending. She was one of the strongest female characters on TV and I adored her ability to totally be one of the guys, but at the same time not one of the guys. She didn’t feel the need to follow certain stereotypes. She was funny, smart, driven and her sass combined with Barney’s was just comedic gold. I will forever love her even if I hate the writers of the show and reject their perfectly planned out ending. *eye roll* perfect my ass.

9. Pretty Little Liars: Hanna Marin – Hanna is another one of those characters who starts off bitchy, but is like a damn onion and has all these layers that you learn about over the seasons. Those are my favorite kind of characters. The ones who you really need to work in order to get to know. And while I have A LOT of complaints about Pretty Little Liars, they definitely do know how to develop a character. Hanna is smarter than she realizes, kind of ditzy in an amusing way, loyal, and sassy. So much sass. I love it.

8. The 100: Clarke Griffin – The 100 is a new show, so I don’t know all that much about Clarke, but from what I learned through each episode I absolutely adore her. She’s strong willed and she takes care of the 100 and I love how she and Bellamy play off each other. They see the world so differently, but together they’re able to keep a whole group of people safe. I like that Clarke always tries to do the right thing and be the bigger person and I like that she see’s good in people and feels so much empathy. She’s an awesome character.

7. Angel The Series: Cordelia Chase – While I really liked Buffy, I LOVED Cordelia. There was just something about this snarky mean girl that made me love her. Because as the seasons of Buffy went on and then Angel, we got to know so much more about who Cordelia was as a person and we find out she strong and courageous and headstrong. We also find out she’s got one of the biggest hearts out there. I will NEVER forgive the writers for the second half of season 3. I pretend the show ended with Cordy, Angel, baby conner and the rest of the team being happy in the hotel. And that’s how it shall forever be.

6. Lost Girl: Kenzi Malikov  - I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I tend to veer towards the characters who aren’t the female lead of the show. I don’t know why, but I think the truth is I just relate to them more. And Kenzi is no exception. I LOVE her to death and I still haven’t forgiven Lost Girl for killing her off, though if they do plan on bringing her back this season I suppose we be okay again. Anyway, Kenzi is badass and she has the best one-liners like ever. They are Stiles (from Teen Wolf) kind of epic. She is the best and if I didn’t have a list of ten female characters she’d probably be closer to the bottom, because my love for her is unreal.

5. Suits: Donna Paulson – Suits is the best and Donna own my soul. She’s hilarious and smart and sexy and has the best dialogue for a female character on TV no joke. I love her confidence and the way she volley’s back and forth with Harvey especially and everyone else too. She’s so quick to come up with a retort and she’s also badass. Most female characters I like are bad ass haha.

4. The Originals: Hayley Marshall – I didn’t love Hayley in The Vampire Diaries to be honest, but I absolutely love her in The Originals. I love that we’re getting to see the kind of person she is and that she isn’t afraid to take what she wants and do what she has to do to protect herself and her family. She sassy also (sensing a theme here haha) and she doesn’t take people’s shit, not even originals vampires ;)

3. Supernatural: Jo Harvelle – While I always felt Jo was a bit underdeveloped (because the show never took the time to explore her more most likely because of how the famdom rioted) I still really loved her character. I feel like she definitely could have been Dean’s match in pretty much everything. She was strong, sarcastic, snarky, and badass. I loved her to death and I’m still super sad that they killed her off. I feel like there was so much potential for her character and I’ll always adore her.

2. Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin – While my Teen Wolf love is fast dwindling this season (Season 4 has been the first season I ever disliked) my love for Lydia continues to grow. I adored her when we knew nothing more than the fact that she was Beacon Hills resident ‘it’ girl an I love her even more now that we’ve learned so much about who she is as a person. She’s intelligent, sassy, quick witted, and she isn’t afraid to own her sexuality. Her confidence makes me happy, but she’s also not afraid to be vulnerable. Well written female characters are so hard to find these days, especially on TV and Lydia takes the cake.

1. Smallville: Chloe Sullivan-Queen – I’ve loved Chloe from the second she stepped on screen. She’s intelligent, snarky, humorous and just all around perfection. While Smallville is no longer on TV, I will forever love the character they created and brought to life. One of the things I always loved about her was she wasn’t perfect at all and she was completely relatable. I miss seeing her on my screen. They definitely don’t make characters like her anymore.

Who are your top ten? :)

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