October 29, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: 5 Terrifyingly Evil Power Couples I Can't Help But Love

1. Angelus & Darla - Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series

I've gotta say I was not a Darla fan when they first introduced her in Buffy, but when Angel got his own show and they explored more of his past and the past of the vampires closest to him...I kinda fell in love with Angelus and Darla.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a first shipper of Angel/Cordelia, but the evil version of him totally needs an evil counterpart. And Darla is the perfect girl for the job. They plundered and pillaged together and still manage to make it look romantic. So much love for these two

2. Spike & Drusilla - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I loved Spike from the second he graced my screen. Drusilla however, not so much. And while I'm still not entirely a fan I've gotta admit that her entire relationship with Spike is adorable/psychotic and I love every second of it, especially all the times Spike has come back to Sunnydale because Drusilla's left him for various slimy demons.

And yet they've also plundered and pillaged together, killed and tortured slayers together and yet they can be so gentle with each other. It was always clear how much Spike loved her, which I thought was kinda cool. Villains with a heart are my weakness.

3. Dexter & Hanna - Dexter

The couple that murders together, stays together. Okay, okay...So I don't think they ever actually murdered with each other, but they certainly did on their own and Dexter certainly covered shit up for his lady love.

There was also that time he tried to kill her and wound up having crazy ass sex with her instead...yeah these two were definitely two peas in a pod until they weren't haha.

And yet I can't help loving them, is that weird? It's probably so weird...

4. Bill & Lorena - True Blood

The flashbacks of these two...oh man they totally remind me of a more adult version of Angelus and Darla haha. I will forever love it because of that, but only in the past.

5. Peter & Kate - Teen Wolf

Okay, fine. These two technically aren't a couple, but they were so badass in Season 4 both individually and together and they're just so damn evil!

I want them to get together and have evil babies!...(I still think Malia is their evil hate child.)

But I digress. These two have the potential to be the best evil power couple ever. I love to hate them.

Who are some of your favorite evil couples? Also don't forget to check out the 13 Days of Halloween Tag to see previous post from this year and last!

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