October 20, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: Five Great Things To Do On Halloween

Every year people go around looking for things to do on Halloween and the days leading up to it and there is no shortage of fun to be had on All Hallows Eve. So, below are some of my favorite things to do on the days leading up to Halloween and of course the night of!

1. Pumpkin Picking - Okay, so not everyone has eons of time in their schedule to spend doing Halloween stuff, but pumpkin picking is essential! It's something that you should definitely experience at least once. Typically you can go to any farm in your area, take a tracker out to the field and pick away. As far as I know it doesn't cost anything to pick the pumpkins, but you do pay by weight, so obviously the bigger you get the more expensive it is. Out here in Jersey my favorite pumpkin picking place is Cheesequake Farms. It's not exactly the closest place to me, but it's well worth the drive.

2. Pumpkin Carving - You absolutely cannot have Halloween without Jack-O-Lanterns! It's just inconceivable. This one is easy. Whether or not you pick your pumpkin or buy it at the local grocery store, you can carve it just the same. This is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. You can literally make anything you want, which is half the fun in itself.

3. Haunted Hayride - Who doesn't love a haunted hayride with friends or family? Sadly I haven't gone in a couple of years, but when I was younger we used to go all the time. It was always a lot of fun and typically there's more than just Hayride wherever you go.

4. Trick-Or-Treating - Sadly, I'm a bit too old for this little nugget right here, but god I miss is haha. We used to have so much fun in high school going trick-or-treating. There was even that one time (During my Buffy phase) that we did some trick-or-treating before heading to a cemetery and when no vampires, goblins, zombies of any kind came out to play we totally went back to candy getting. But now I get to give out the candy to kids with awesome costumes, so that's something.

5. Tasty Halloween Treats - Using the inside of all those pumpkins you carved is always fun. Baking pumpkin seeds or using the the meat of the pumpkin to bake is also fun. And if that's not your thing, then Halloween themed cupcakes are always awesome. Everyone enjoys something sweet and scary on Halloween!

So what about you guys? What are some things you enjoy either doing on Halloween or the days leading up to it? Sound off below and tell us! Also don't forget to check out the 13 Days of Halloween tag to see posts from previous years as well.

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